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Admissions for Master of Social Work (MSW)

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Ready to enrich your critical knowledge and skills? Challenging classroom learning, field placement and research opportunities — together with a strong Ryerson community — equip you with the knowledge and experiences needed to pursue and transform social work practice in child welfare settings, school boards, clinical and community programs and government institutions. Prepare to make meaningful change in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

To be considered for admission to Ryerson’s Master of Social Work (MSW), you must meet the minimum program requirements:

  • A Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from an institution that meets the guidelines of the International Association of Schools of Social Work, external link, or is accredited by a national body of accreditation. Ryerson's MSW program is a one year full time program only. One-year MSW programs are considered “Advanced Standing” programs, and are offered to eligible students who have already completed a Bachelor in Social Work program. If you do not have a BSW, you do not qualify for our program.

  • A minimum 3.0/4.33 (B or equivalent) average in the last two years of study.  

When making admissions decisions, the committee will take into consideration all aspects of your application.

Admissions applications open in mid October 2021.

Submit your application by the first consideration deadline to be guaranteed consideration for admission and scholarships.

First consideration application deadlines for Fall 2022:

  • Complete your online application by Monday, November 15, 2021*
  • Upload all required documents to the Ryerson Applicant Upload Portal by Monday, December 6, 2021

*Once you have submitted your online application, you will be emailed instructions within 2-3 business days on how to create your online identity and upload your required documents electronically. Online applications can be submitted after this date, however all required documents are still due on December 6.

We will continue to accept applications until all available spots are filled.

We will start to notify first consideration applicants of admissions decisions in mid-March, and will continue to notify all applicants of an admissions decision on a rolling basis.

At Ryerson, all graduate applications are submitted online. Visit Apply online to learn more about:

  • Submitting your application through OUAC
  • Uploading your documents
  • Monitoring your application

In making admissions decisions, the committee will take into consideration all aspects of your application. 

1) Statement of Interest

You are required to submit a brief statement (3-4 pages), double spaced with one inch margins that should address the following two questions:

a) The vision of Ryerson's School of Social Work is to be a leader in critical education, research and practice with culturally and socially diverse students and communities in the advancement of anti-oppression/anti-racism, anti-Black racism, anti-colonialism/decolonization, Aboriginal reconciliation, feminism, anti-capitalism, queer and trans liberation struggles; issues in disability and Madness, among other social justice struggles. We seek to transform social structures into more equitable and inclusive social, economic, political and cultural processes of society. How have you engaged with the School's vision?

Optional: Ryerson's School of Social Work strives to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion in the student body and aims to respond to community needs. The admission committee provides opportunity for consideration to those applicants who wish to have their application reviewed in this light. Applicants may provide details regarding experiences that should be viewed within the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion.

b) What research interests do you intend to pursue in the program?

Optional: In addition to your written responses to all the above questions, please feel free to augment with information in alternative formats. For example, video* (by electronic link only), arts-based (poetry, images, narrative).

* Video submission maximum two minutes. All other forms maximum one page.

2) Resume template


Address, email and best phone number to reach you quickly

Education (Please list all degrees and academic qualifications with dates
of completion or expected completion)

Work experience (For each entry please list EITHER the length of term
and average hours per month [i.e. March 2015-December 2015, 40
hours/month] or the total hours [i.e. thirty hour contract]:

  • Paid social work/social service experience
  • Unpaid social work/social service experience (placements, internships, etc.)
  • Paid non-social work experience
  • Relevant volunteer work

Additional information (for example: awards, publications, additional
training received/completed, workshops or conference papers presented)

3) Two reference letters

Reference letters are a key component of your application package.  Your referees should be able to speak to your academic, research and/or professional abilities. This may include your academic strengths and capacity to conduct research.

As a part of your online application, you will be asked to provide contact information for two referees. It is your responsibility to contact your referees before filling out the online application form to confirm their availability.

Refer to the Document Checklist for more required documents. Find out how to submit your:

  • Reference letters
  • Transcripts
  • English language proficiency (if applicable)