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Social Innovation at Ryerson University

Ryerson's Ashoka Change Team

Ryerson University is proud to be Canada's First Ashoka Changemaker Campus

Ashoka U, a division of Ashoka, partners with universities and colleges to foster a campus-wide culture of social innovation. As Canada’s 1st Ashoka Changemaker Campus, Ryerson University has joined an international network consisting of universities and colleges that are committed to solving real-world problems in new and creative ways.


Presented below are the people who devoted themselves to making this initiative possible, who are now steering the direction of social innovation and culture at Ryerson.

Faculty Members


Asher Alkoby, TRSM


Jean Golden, ARTS


Melanie Panitch, ARTS


Dan McGillivray, FEAS


Imogen Coe, FOS


Melissa Tanti, ARTS


Kiaras Garabaghi, FCS


Student Members


Meagan Blais,
Continuing Education

Katii Capern, FCAD


Jennifer Chan, FEAS



Krysten Connely,
Graduate Studies

Jalisa Luces-Mendes, TRSM


Kabeer Sethi, FCAD


Paula Utomi, Science


Jessica Machado, Science


Hania Siddiqui, FCS


Linh Nguyen, Arts


Diogo Silveira, FEAS


Marqez Ramsay, FCS


Brendan Timmings, ARTS


Staff Members & Advisors


Mark Patterson


Wendy Cukier, VPRI

Amanda Gaspard


Marilyn Struthers