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Faculty of Community Services

Celebrating 50 years of black activism

50 Years of Black Activism: 5 incredible short films

March 31, 2017

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project presents five short films that recognize the work and contributions of past activists Lenny and Gwen Johnson, Marlene Green, Rosie Douglas, Charley Roach and Dudley Laws:

Dudley Speaks for Me
The legacy of Dudley Laws
by Ngardy Conteh George

Rosie, the Fearless Rebel
The legacy of Rosie Douglas
by Sonia Godding Tobogo

Book of Love
The legacy of Gwen and Lenny Johnston of Third World Books and Crafts
by Sarah Michelle Brown

Revolutions in Black Education
A tribute to Marlene Green
by Ella Cooper

The legacy of Charles Roach
by Laurie Townshend

Executive Producer: Alison Duke