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Gordon Pon




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Gordon Pon is an associate professor in the School of Social Work. He holds a Master of Social Work degree from Carleton University and a PhD in Language, Culture and Teaching from York University. Prior to joining Ryerson, he worked in frontline positions in child welfare. His research interests include anti-racism and anti-colonialism, particularly in relation to child welfare and Asian Canadian Studies.

Research Interests:

Research interests:

  • Anti-racism.
  • Anti-colonialism.

Research projects:

  • Project: Anti-Black racism: Criminalization, community, and resistance.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Role: Co-investigator.
  • Funding received: $25,000.
  • Granting body: SSHRC, Connections Grant.
  • Project: Building and mobilizing knowledge on race and colonialism in Canada.
  • Year: 2012.
  • Role: Collaborator.
  • Funding received: $198,000.
  • Granting body: SSHRC Partnership Development Grant.
  • Project: Building and mobilizing knowledge on race and colonialism in Canada.
  • Year: 2012.
  • Role: Collaborator.
  • Funding received: $238,000.
  • Granting body: Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Selected Publications:

Peer-reviewed publications


  • Bailey, A., Zanchetta, M., Pon, G., Velasco, D., & Hassan, A. (2015). Building a scholar in writing (BSW): A model for developing students’ critical writing skills. Nurse Education in Practice, 15(6): 524-529.
  • Clarke, J., Pon, G., Benjamin, A., & Bailey, A. (2015). Ethnicity, race, oppression and social work: The Canadian case. The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, 2nd ed., 8: 152-156.
  • Pon, G., Gosine, K., & Phillips, D. (2011). Immediate response: Addressing anti-Native and anti-black racism in child welfare. International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, 3 & 4: 385-409.  
  • El-Lahib, Y., George, P., Pon, G., & Webi, S. (2011). Challenging the myth of “studying harder”: A social work response to the oppression of “EAL” students. Canadian Social Work Review, 28(2)
  • Gosine, K., & Pon, G. (2010). On the front lines: The voices and experiences of racialized child welfare workers in Toronto, Canada. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 22(2): 135-159.
  • Pon, G. (2009). Cultural competency as new racism: An ontology of forgetting. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 20(1): 59-71.
  • Pon, G. (2007). A labour of love or response? Anti-racism and responsibility. Canadian Social Work Review, 24(2): 141-153.
  • Pon, G. (2007). Becoming lost and found: Peace, Christianity, and anti-oppression. Critical Social Work, 8(1).
  • Pon, G. (2005). Anti-racism in the cosmopolis: Race, class, and gender in the lives of elite Chinese Canadian women. Social Justice 32(4): 161-179.

Edited books:

  • Coloma, Roland S., & Pon, G. (Eds.). (2017). Asian Canadian Studies Reader. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Book chapters:

  • Pon, G., Phillips, D., Clarke, J., & Abdillahi. (2017). Who’s protecting who?: The convergence of child welfare and policing of Black families. In D. Baines (Ed.), Doing anti-oppressive practice. 3rd Ed. Halifax: Fernwood.    
  • Pon, G., Giwa, S. & Razack, N. (2016). Foundations of Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice. In Al-Krenin and Graham, J. (Eds.) Diversity and Social Work in Canada (pp. 38-58). Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.
  • Bailey, A., Zanchetta, M., Pon, G., Velasco, D., Wilson-Mitchell, K., & Hassan, A., (2016). The audacity of critical awakening. In J. Wadell, L. Cooper & J. Gingras (Eds.). Teaching as scholarship: Preparing students for professional practice in community services. Toronto: Centre for the Advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Wilfred Laurier Press.
  • Bonnie, N., & Pon, G. (2015). Critical well-being in child welfare: A journey towards creating a new social contract for Black communities. In S. Strega & J. Carriere (Eds.), Walking this path together, 2nd ed. Halifax: Fernwood Press.
  • Pon, G. (2015). Importing the Asian “model minority” discourse into Canada: Implications for Social Work and Education.  In N. Hartlep (Ed.). Killing the Model Minority Stereotype: Asian American Counter-Stories and Complicity (pp. 83-95). Charlotte, NC.: Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  • Pon, G. (2012). Queering Asian Masculinities and Transnationalism: Implications for Anti-Oppression and Consciousness-Raising. In K. Moffatt (Ed.), Troubled Masculinities. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.   

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Associate Professor

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  • Office location: EPH-238, Eric Palin Hall