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Faculty of Community Services

Social work awards application

The School of Social Work at Ryerson offers many different awards and scholarships to acknowledge students’ achievements, facilitate their education and promote their success.

Before applying, check out our award listings to determine your eligibility and application requirements.

After you’ve reviewed our awards, fill out the supporting documentation:


For awards that require a nomination:

And prepare any additional supporting documents that are outlined on the award listings page.

Once you’re ready to apply, submit your application using the form below by the application deadline: Friday, October 12, 2018 at 2 p.m.

Awards ceremony: Friday, November 30, 2018 at 1 p.m. Location TBD.


Application form

Your information:


Select award(s):

 Ana Sofia Nascimento Award
 Bachelor of Social Work Award
 The Buddhist Compassion Foundation Awards for Community Service
 The George F. Bielmeier Award for Outstanding Contribution within the Field Practicum
 Gordon C. McFarlane / John Howard Society of Ontario Award
 Harry A. Newman Memorial Foundation Awards
 Jacqueline and Howard Edelson Award
 Jeff Edmunds Award
 Jenny and Jean Green Social Justice Award
 John David Parker Scholarship
 Judith Sandys Award in Community Inclusion and Intellectual Disability
 The Karol Steinhouse Social Work Award
 Lisa Crew Memorial Award
 Nancy C. Sprott School of Social Work Leadership Awards
 President's Award for Community Engagement
 The Russell Jolliffe Award for Excellence in Social Work Practice
 Sheri Cohen Social Justice Award for People with Disabilities
 Teresa and Xavier (Frank) Bielmeier Memorial Award

Supporting documents:

 Student Budget Form (Required)
 Transcript (Required. Unofficial transcript are accepted.)
 FIPPA Statement (Required)
 Nomination Form (As needed)
 Resume/CV (Optional)
As needed


Please ensure you submit all required documents. Incomplete applications will not be processed.