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Jean Golden

Golden, Jean




B.A. Honours (University of Toronto, Sociology), M.A. (University of Toronto, Sociology); Certified Solution Focused Therapist, CSFT (University of Toronto, Social Work); Certificate in International Human Rights (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec).
Law courses: Human Rights; Employment and Equity Rights (University of Toronto Faculty of Law)




416-979-5000 ext 6211

Email Address:



Research Interests:

International Collaborative Education and Community Development; Statelessness and Human Rights; Biracial Identity; Sexual Violence; Equity and Human Rights; Black History

Professor's Golden's research and writing over the past 35 plus years have been on equity policy development and process implementation and on curricular innovation, for university and community groups.  In the late 1970's she held a Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad which began her leadership in the development of Caribbean Studies at Ryerson University.  She was the first Director of the Ryerson Caribbean Research Centre in 2003-04. In the 1980's she wrote employment and educational equity policies for Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, the Ryerson Faculty Association and Ryerson University Administration. In the 1990's she received several research grants from the Ministries of Colleges and Universities and of Education and Training for the development of Violence Prevention Programmes and Sexual harassment prevention on University campuses, and from the Ministry of Health for an Ontario Community Workplace Safety Programme. In the late 1990's and early 21st century she received funding from Heritage Canada and Ryerson University to research resources for teaching Black History in the public school system and for research on mixed race identity. Today her focus has moved internationally to community engagement and education projects in the Bahamas and in Kenya, including disability rights, the education of the girl child and new solar technologiesfor development. While she continues to produce written materials for communities, she has shifted to film and social media dissemination of educational and research information.

Teaching Interests

Human Rights; International Development; Women Studies; Feminism; Race and Racialization; Diversity Issues.

In 2013 Professor Golden received the Ryerson University prestigious ‘Chancellor Award of Distinction’, conferred on an educator recognized as an exemplary model of life-long career excellence and leadership in education, teaching and learning. Included in this award was recognition of her pioneering work in human rights within the University and in the broader community.

Professor Golden has been teaching at Ryerson University since the 1970's. As a past Chair of the Department of Sociology, she played a key leadership role in the development of critical activist community-focused curriculum in the Sociology Department.  Professor Golden was a leader in the creation of Caribbean Studies at Ryerson University and more recently the  Faculty of Arts International credit course, International Community Engagement, taught every winter in the Bahamas. She has taught a variety of  courses over the years in the Sociology Department;  Black History to students in the Toronto public school system for a decade; and Sociology to young immigrant students at the Toronto City Adult Learning Center and to immigrant women at the Toronto Newcomer Women Immigrant Services.  Professor Golden was awarded two SHERO Awards by the Ryerson Student Union for her excellence in teaching.  As the first senior administrator of the new Ryerson Human Rights Office, she delivered educational and employment equity workshops to Ryerson senior administrators, faculty, staff and students and at cross Canada-wise educational conferences and employee workshops.

Current Courses:

SOC 803: International Community Engagement

SOC 608: Women, Power and Change

SOC 609: Women and Human Rights           

SOC 111: The Social World 1

SOC 112: The Social World 2

Professional Affiliations:

Professor Golden has an extensive background in public education and community work, locally and internationally.

Professor Golden is Director of the Bahamas Project, an institutional collaboration she began in 2011 between Ryerson University and the Every Child Counts School for Children with Disabilities in the Bahamas. The Project brings Ryerson student academic placements and volunteers to the school for 5-10 weeks every spring. These students work with Professor Golden to provide educational support and community programmes for children with disabilities, in collaboration with Bahamian teachers, parents and community leaders. This Bahamas Project has created the infrastructure for the SOC 803 International Community Engagement course in the Bahamas in the winter semesters. The Project is  also is part of the documentary, The Amazing Story of the little Abaco School that Did.

Professor Golden has provided academic research for a small Canadian/Kenyan NGO, since 2012, to support a local Kenyan community’s development through the education of the girl child and introduction of solar technologies. She created an academic and fundraising website to support these local initiatives. The site has been distributed to educators across Canada and internationally. Professor Golden is working with a Canadian film maker to document the village’s educational, social and economic development changes from the assistance of the NGO.  

Previously Professor Golden taught Black history in the public school system, created Black History teaching resources and implemented a model for joint parent/teacher anti-racist pro-equity practice in Toronto Public Schools. At Ryerson University she developed Ryerson's first policy on Human Rights and the first Office of Harassment Prevention Services. She served for over 25 years on the Ryerson Faculty Association and for several years on the Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations’ Status of Women Committee, creating equity policies and procedures for academic unions and administrations. For this University community work, she received the Ryerson Faculty Association ‘Ryersonian of the Year Award’ in 1998 and the ‘Distinguished Service Award’ in 2009.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

2011-15 Bahamas Project: community disability newsletters and human rights workshops materials: rights of the child; disability  rights, discipline and abuse; bullying; conflict resolution
2012-15 Kenya Village Project: Mini videos on Kenyan Village development issues; Kenyan village educational and fundraising website:   
2011 Golden, J with P Moore. Ryerson Sociology Department History Project, 1949-2010. Ryerson University Archives.
2004 Cooper, A  and  Golden, J.  African-Canadian Bibliographies.  Canadian Race Relations Foundation.
1999 Golden, J. and Kilbride, K.  Biracial Identity. Heritage Canada. Government of Canada.
1995 Golden, J.  Community Workplace Safety Program of Metropolitan Toronto.  Ministry of Health. Government of Ontario.