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Lee, Damien


Assistant Professor


BA, Indigenous Studies 2010 (Trent University), MA, Indigenous Governance 2011 (University of Victoria), PhD, Native Studies 2017, (University of Manitoba)


JOR 308


416-979-5000 ext 6212

Email Address:


Dr. Damien Lee is a cis-gendered racially-white man who belongs with Anishinaabeg of the northern shore of Lake Superior. He was adopted as an infant into Fort William First Nation in accordance with Anishinaabe law, and raised as Anishinaabe by his family. Dr. Lee’s research focuses primarily on the resurgence of Indigenous legal and governance systems, and often considers how such systems are both impacted by and push back against settler colonial law in the present. Mentored by Anishinaabe knowledge holders Doug Williams and Marlene Pierre, Dr. Lee is an assistant professor in Ryerson University’s Department of Sociology.



Research Interests:

  • Decolonization and resurgence
  • Indigenous legal orders
  • Indigenous political orders
  • Community-based political mobilization
  • Indigenist theory
  • Indigenous research methodologies (e.g. biskaabiiyang)
Teaching Interests:
I am interested in promoting consciousness raising in the classroom. Due to Canada’s settler colonial history and present, this means that my classes examine a variety of issues in ways that make settler colonialism easier to see in our every day lives. While this approach attempts to name a problem (i.e. settler colonialism), my teaching moves beyond diagnosis to also explore what decolonization looks like today and tomorrow.

Current Courses:

SOC 475: Contempary Sociological Theory

SOC 427: Indigenous Perspectives on Canada



Professional Affiliations:

  • Associate Fellow, Yellowhead Institute

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Lee, Damien. “Adoption is (Not) a Dirty Word: Towards an Adoption-Centric Theory of Anishinaabeg Citizenship.” Native Peoples Child & Family Review 10, no. 1 (2015): 86-98. 

Lee, Damien. “In the Shoes of the Other: Reclaiming Indigenous Authenticity from Colonial Logics of Difference.” In Critical Inquiries: A Reader in Studies of Canada, edited by Lynn Caldwell, Carrianne Leung and Darryl Leroux, 144-161. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2013.

Lee, Damien. “Placing Knowledge as Resurgence.” InTensions: The Resurgence of Indigenous Women's Knowledge and Resistance in Relation to Land and Territoriality: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 6 (2011). 

Lee, Damien. “Windigo Faces: Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations Serving Canadian Colonialism.” Canadian Journal of Native Studies 31, no. 2 (2011): 133-153.

Lee, Damien. “Echoes of Impermanence: Kanesatake, Bimaadiziiwin and the Idea of Canada.” In This is an Honour Song: Twenty Years After the Blockades, edited by Leanne Simpson and Kiera Ladner, 235-243. Winnipeg: Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2010.