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Jessica Evans

Dr. Jessica Evans

Assistant Professor
EducationB.A. (Carleton University), M.A. (Carleton University), Ph.D. (York University, Political Science)
Phone416-979-5000 x556208

Areas of Expertise: 

political economy and historical sociology; sociology of the state; critical race theory; prisons and carcerality


My research examines the role of white supremacy and carcerality in the political economy of state formation, primarily in Canada. I am interested in how practices of policing have been and continue to be mobilized to both generate and shape settler-state structures, while also contributing to (re)definitions of the ‘ideal’ political subject. My most recent project is entitled "Prisoners’ Rights and Wellbeing: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic" funded by a SSHRC Partnership Engage grant ($24,350). I am also interested in critical pedagogy, examining my role and responsibility as a white-settler educator in supporting and enacting anti-racist and decolonial pedagogies.

Website:, external link, opens in new window

Current Courses:

  • SSH 301: Research Design and Qualitative Methods
  • SOC 105: Introduction to Sociology

Community & Professional Service:   

Recent Publications:

Evans, J. 2021. Mediating Capitalism’s ‘Rules of Reproduction’ with Historical Agency: Political Marxism, Uneven and Combined Development and Settler-Capitalism in Canada. Historical Materialism. Forthcoming.  

Evans, J. 2021. Crisis, Capital Accumulation and the ‘Crimmigration’ Fix in the Aftermath of the Global Slump, external link, opens in new window. Citizenship Studies

Aquino, G., J. Evans and L. Jennings. 2021. National Day of Action: Free Them all., external link, opens in new window Spring Magazine.

Evans, J. and L. Costa. 2020. Women’s Forensic Mental Health Care: The Need for Gender-Based Analysis., external link, opens in new window Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 9(3): 52-77. 

Evans, J. 2020. Capitalism, Prisons and COVID-19: On ‘Surplus Labour’., external link, opens in new window Spring Magazine.

Evans, J. 2018. “Colonialism(s), Race, and the Transition to Capitalism in Canada” in Case Studies in the Origins of Capitalism, external link, opens in new window (pp. 191-213), edited by C. Post and X. LaFrance. Palgrave, Macmillan.

Evans, J. 2016. “Rejecting the ‘Staples’ Thesis and Recentring Migration: A Comparative Analysis of ‘Late Development’ in Canada and Argentina” in Historical Sociology and World History, external link, opens in new window (pp. 127-148), edited by A. Anievas, A. and K. Matin. Brill, London.

Evans, J. 2016. The Uneven and Combined Development of Class Forces: Migration as Combined Development., external link, opens in new window Cambridge Review of International Affairs 29(3): 1061-1073.