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The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a four-year degree program comprising 40 credits. In each program year, students are expected to take required courses in the discipline and are given a choice of electives from an interesting menu of non-Sociology related subjects. The Sociology program teaches students the value of critical thinking, and provides them with a strong foundation in research methods and methodologies.

In year one, students are introduced to the foundational principles of a sociological imagination and are taught skills associated with critical thought and effective and persuasive forms of communication in our complex society.

In year two, students inspired to think about life in the city. We take advantage of Ryerson’s downtown location and encourage students to explore the multple ways in which the city tells us stories about various sociological issues. The second year of study also features courses in equity and diversity, social theory, the media and inequalities, as well as a broad range of electives in related disciplines such as  Criminology, Psychology and Politics.

In year three, students will heighten their sociological imagination as they master advanced research skills that they can apply in a different fields after graduation. Social Science and Humanities electives round out the course offerings in year three.

In year four, students have an opportunity to take courses in specialized areas of sociological inquiry. These courses represent the research interests of many of our faculty. Immigration and border crossing, youth and children, and Indigenous Studies, cultural industries, are just some of the topics under scrutiny. A final required course in year four inspires students to reflect on the accumulated knowledge that they have acquired in the program and helps to prepare them for the job market and life as citizens in the wider society.

Ryerson's Sociology Department has a long and rich history in teaching undergraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines. We help our students to develop critical thinking skills, find potential solutions to social problems, and learn practical skills that are applicable in any job. Our four-year undergraduate program prepares you to deal philosophically, practically, and progressively with everyday problems - at work, school, government, the economy, and even in your own life!

At Ryerson University, the Department of Sociology was part of the Division of Social Sciences until the mid-1970s. Since its birth as a department, Sociology has been providing classroom teaching to a wide array of Ryerson programs, from Social Work to Image Arts, Business to Nursing, and Journalism to Engineering.

In 2003, we began to offer a four-year undergraduate degree specific to Sociology.  A formal proposal to create the new Sociology program through the Faculty of Arts was submitted in early 2004, and was approved by Ryerson University.  We began admitting our own Sociology program (FULL-TIME BA) students in September 2005.

Located in the heart of Canada's large and culturally diverse metropolis, Sociology at Ryerson offers students an exciting and unique opportunity to study first-hand, a host of complex issues that define our contemporary existence. Our downtown location allows us to engage students in our rapidly changing, global, knowledge-based society.