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Careers in Sociology

What can you do with a Sociology degree?

Sociologists mainly find employment within career areas such as government, research, teaching, consulting, community affairs, and marketing. And within these career fields, there are many exciting types of work to be found: media criticism, urban planning, data analysis, research design, criminal justice, information management, business consultation, human rights education, cultural analysis, internet assessment, consumer research, industry specialist, policy development, international relations, youth-at-risk training, social advocacy, project managment, family and child services coordination (and many more!)

In many areas of contemporary employment, there is a high demand for employees with practical research skills, in addition to critical thinking and writing skills. Sociologists are found in all tiers of government, including administration, management, human resources, statistics gathering, and data collection. Many researchers in Canada have backgrounds in Sociology, and research is a very broad discipline in which to find work. Since information is a commodity in this day and age, researchers of all types are in high demand!

Sociology can also act as a springboard to propel you into other professional fields. Some educational programs accept Sociology as a teachable, or will accept Sociology courses in certain areas (family, gender issues, multiculturalism) as prerequisites for teachables. Students with a background in Sociology have also been successful in being accepted into law programs, and into business programs.

After graduating from our program in Sociology, you will leave Ryerson University with portable research skills - practical tools - that you can easily bring into any type of employment. Our students will have the opportunity to learn a number of practical skills that have been deemed important in any number of jobs. From an employer's point of view, an employee with a more theoretical sociological training may be useful to the organization, but clearly an employee that brings practical and analytical know-how is much more versatile and valuable. Our program will give you the tools you need to be desirable and competitive for a wide range of career opportunities.

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Here are some good, sociology-specific career resources:

Careers in Sociology, an online book by W. Richard Stephens, Jr.

Career Resources for Undergraduate Students from the American Sociology Association


Here are some good, general career resources:

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Get Help Entering the Workforce

Ryerson's career services are available to alumni for two years following their graduation.

The Career Development and Employment Centre offers tools, programs and resources to help you develop effective job search strategies, explore career possibilities and employment opportunities, and embark on your career journey.  Some of the services offered are help with resume writing, job search strategies, interview skills, career planning, and more.  You can also meet with a counsellor to help get some direction on career and educational planning. 

The Faculty of Arts also offers Career Counselling services specifically for Sociology students.