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Student Spotlight

Kevan Davidson

Kevan Davidson


3rd year Sociology student


Why did you choose Sociology at Ryerson?

I was yearning for the ability to view life through a lens with as little bias as possible. I felt that the sociology program at Ryerson would be able to invoke me with that aptitude.


What are your academic interests? How have you been able to explore them at Ryerson?

I plan to acquire enough knowledge about our society via education, so that I will be able to facilitate social change. Ryerson provides me with a plethora of courses that teach me about the many different facets of society. Courses like sociology, philosophy, and law provide a platform for me to move closer to my desires.


What are your non-academic interests? Do you find any ways to incorporate those into your coursework?

One of my non-academic interests is spoken word poetry. It is an art form that allows individuals to speak their truth to a crowd full of strangers. The art form has provided me with the necessary tools to write essays and approach assignments from a different point of view. The greatest attribute I have gained from spoken word is an open mind, which has allowed me to challenge and accept the information I acquire


What do you enjoy most about our program? 

The thing I enjoy the most about the program is freedom of thought. The sociology program is one that implores its students to think freely and to find truths that are written outside of books. It encourages us to not be constrained by the various ideologies that pervade our society. It is certainly a program that is replete with freedom.


What do you hope to do when you graduate?

After graduating from Ryerson I hope to go to law school. Succeeding law, I would thoroughly enjoy working with the United Nations. Hopefully through one of these venues I am able to make a change; making society a better place.


What advice to you have for students thinking about our program, or early on in their academic careers?

You cannot go wrong with sociology, if you have a strong desire to know what is really going on in our world, sociology is the program that will remove your blindfolds. However, once you gain sight, you will be compelled to do something about the world’s current state; be prepared to make a change.