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Student Spotlight

Ashley Okoro

Ashley Okoro


Ryerson Sociology, Alumni 2015


Why did you choose Sociology at Ryerson?

I chose Sociology at Ryerson because in high school I learned a lot about Sociology and loved it. After I went on my first tour of Ryerson as a high school student, I knew it was the place to be. Everyone was so nice and the professors who I interacted with made me feel so engaged in the study of Sociology and that’s when I knew that Ryerson was the place for me to go.


What are your academic interests? How have you been able to explore them at Ryerson?

Academically, I am interested in learning more about feminism and immigration. Luckily for me, the Sociology program offers a lot of classes on those topics, which I have been able to explore in great detail.


What are your non-academic interests? Do you find any ways to incorporate those into your coursework?

My non-academic interests include being an active member of the Sociology course union as co-president. I am also a student ambassador for the faculty of Arts. In the past during the week of welcome for the general Ryerson orientation I have been a student leader for first year students. I do not really find ways to incorporate my non-academic interests into my course work intentionally, though the aspects of my life very rarely stay separate.


What do you enjoy most about our program?

What I enjoy most about my program is meeting lots of wonderful people. I find that this program has enabled me to come in contact with such wonderful people who have been able to help me gain a deeper understanding of sociology and make friends.


What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to spread my knowledge and put it to good use by helping others.  Part of the reason why I decided to go to university was to gain a new vantage point on society and, in doing so, help others in the process.


What advice to you have for students thinking about our program, or early on in their academic careers?

The best piece of advice that I can give to student thinking about this program as an option, is that it may or not already be apparent but hard work and determination pay off. Anything worth doing requires hard work and that is what this program teaches you. So if you would like to learn more about yourself and make a change, this program gives you the tools you will need to do so.