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The Koivisto Lab for Advanced Solar Design and Innovation


“The struggle for existence is the struggle for available energy.”

- Ludwig Boltzmann

In the News...

December 2015

         - Pacifichem 2015 and our “Artificial photosynthesis” symposium is another huge success.

October 2015

         - BK gives two research lectures on next-generation photovoltaics in Chile (Santiago and Valdivia).

         - Congrats to Ben Fisher for winning the Bob Guerriere BSc Thesis award

September 2015

         - The Koivisto group welcomes Sahana Sritharan and Ben Fischer as MSc Students. The group also welcomes Jeanette Adjei, Malek El-Aooiti & Hardeep Devgan as research associates

August 2015

         - Ryerson University and the Koivisto group host ICE 2015.

May 2015

         - Dr. Joe Gilroy (Western) and I would like to thank all of our sponsors, speakers and student winners from our symposium

         - Congrats to Yousaf on his BODIPY-Phenylacetylene paper

         - Science Rendezvous 2015: Perfect weather and fantastic volunteers help showcase great science at Ryerson

         - The Koivisto Group welcomes Paloma Prieto (ICE exchange student; UBC), Mohammed Choudhry, and Muntaser Farooque (NSERC Engage, Ryerson) as summer research associates.

April 2015

         - Congrats to Sara Abuadas, Hardeep Devgan and Ben Fischer for successfully defending their theses. Sara is now moving on to bigger and better things at the University of Waterloo with the Schepper group.

Past Events


Hardeep and Ben Graduate in May of 2015... And we use it as a good excuse to take a group photo!



Out to Lunch: in June of 2014 during the CSC in Vancouver.    

The Koivisto Group at Lahore Tikka House

Ramadan 2013
 - the gang breaks the fast with Omar and Yousaf at Lahore Tikka House on July 30th, 2013. Good Food, great company, styrofoam dishes and a damn hot Tandoori oven for making naan.

Past Events

May 2014

         -  VIDEO: Prof. Bryan Koivisto explains why glass windows are the future of clean energy - Shameless self promotion at its best!

         - Science Rendezvous 2014: Perfect weather and fantastic volunteers help showcase great science at Ryerson

         - The Koivisto Group welcomes Chris Barran (ICE exchange student; Queens), Alison Lee (NSERC Engage; Waterloo), Kiron Gonidis (NSERC USRA, Ryerson), and Andrew Harris (NSERC Engage, Ryerson).

        - Bootcamp 2014 begins. The Koivisto group welcomes Jelena Madzarevic and Muntaser Farooque as summer co-op students

April 2014

         - Congrats to Burhan Hussein and Christopher Lombardi for sucessfully defending their theses. Christopher Lombardi is now moving on to bigger and better things at York University with the Organ group.

October 2013

         - BK gives two research lectures on next-generation photovoltaics in Chile. The spanish article can be found here.

         - The Koivisto Group welcomes Ben Fischer to the team as the 2013/2014 experiential learning work study student

September 2013

         - BK celebrates getting a year older with the group, and they even bought me a cake.

         - Welcome Burhan Hussein and Christopher Lombardi as 4th year thesis students to the group

August 2013

        - Congratulations Catherine, Devin and Omar... The Koivisto Groups second paper!

        - Ellie presents her USRA work at the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange (ICE) in Calgary, AB... and does a little site-seeing.

May 2013

        - Congratulations Catherine, Devin and Omar... The Koivisto Groups first paper!

April 2013

        - Congratulations Ellie Arnold (UPEI) for winning a NSERC USRA Award. Well done! Ellie will be joining us on May 6th, 2013.

March 2013

        - Congratulations Omar for winning a poster prize (3rd place) at the Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference! Well done!

January 2013

        - Congratulations Devin for winning a Connect Canada Internship Award worth $5000! Well done!

December 2012

        - Congratulations Devin for winning a CUE Research Award worth $5000! Well done!

October 2012

        - Congratulations Omar for being awarded a Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Work Study Research Assistantship. Well done!


September 2012

         - Welcome Devin, Yousaf and Maryam -  New graduate students join the Koivisto group

         - Welcome Nicholas and Trinh - 4th year thesis students join the group 

         - Bon voyage Catherine! A huge thank you for all your hard work, and all the best in the Bender Group at UoT.