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Faculty of Community Services

Mohammad Abdoli-Eramaki




416-979-5000, ext. 7624

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  • Ergonomics
  • Occupational biomechanics
  • Injury prevention
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Industrial ventilation


I am an occupational biomechanist, an industrial hygienist and a certified ergonomist. I am a graduate of Queen's University.

I am also an adjunct professor at the Queen's University School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and at the department of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University.

My research aims to design and evaluate ergonomic tools to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in workplaces. More specifically, the objective of my research is to improve understanding of the kinetics and kinematics of lifting activities. The focus of my current research is to revise current lifting training methods.  

Besides teaching health and safety topics at Ryerson, I supervise research conducted in the Ergonomics and Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Laboratory.

My work has led to the re-examination of optimal work heights and reach distances with static and dynamic trunk postures with standing work while leaning forward (desk, conveyor belts, hospital beds, etc.). It has also led to the design and evaluation of trunk support devices and the examination of best lifting practices.

I have patented several ergonomics tools and have collaborated with many industries, including Superior Propane, the Beer Store, Miller Waste Management, Auto Laundry services, Posi Plus, Hydro One and Toronto Hydro.

My recently developed device enables hydro workers to remove chamber lids easier and more efficiently.

In collaboration with the psychology department, I explore noise exposure levels among musicians.

Research Interests:

Research interests:

  • Occupational biomechanics
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Noise and vibration in workplaces

Research projects:

Current Courses:

  • OHS314 - Physical Agents
  • OHS723 - Sectorial Applications I
  • OHS516 - Ergonomics
  • OHS623 - Safety Control Methods

Selected Publications:

Journal articles:

  • Damecour C, Abdoli-E. M, Ghasmepoor A, Stevenson J., Comparison of two forward-placed supports for standing with reaching to a fixed, extreme distance in a diagonal direction, Journal of Applied Ergonomics 43 (2012) 121-127.
  • Abdoli-E M, Damecour C, Christenson J, Stevenson J. The effect of perspiration on the sEMG amplitude and frequency spectrum. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology (2012).
  • Abdoli-E M, Damecour C, Peterson A, Potvin J. Lumbar Spine and Shoulder Loading Among Cylinder Drivers and Dock Workers at Superior Propane. Journal of Work 47, 15–22, 2014
  • Abdoli-E M, Damecour C.  Biomechanics of leaning on a desk and using an external upper body trunk support. Journal of Ergonomics, 58(2):208-19, 2015
  • Steven L. Fischer, Ron Johnson, Mohammad Abdoli-E & Kathryn Woodcock. Investigating the effect of experience and duration on kinematics during 1 Hour of Sign Language Interpreting. IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors, 2: 60–70, 2014

Selected Publications & Presentations:


Sole Inventor of Personal Lift Assist Device (PLAD)

  1. 2004: International Patent Application No. PCT/CA2004/002134
  2. 2006: Canadian Patent Application No. 2,547,270
  3. 2006: European Patent Application No. 04802309.7


Sole Inventor of Stationary Trunk Support (DTS)



  1. 2008: US Patent registration No. 12,222,013;  
  2. 2008: Canadian Patent registration Entitled


Sole Inventor of Reaching Trunk Support Device (RTSD)


  1. 2014: Canadian Patent registration Entitled.


Sole Inventor of Chamber Lid Remover Tool (CLRT)


  1. Provisional patent application for the “chamber lid remover tool” filed on January 2015.

Position Currently Held:

Associate Professor


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  • POD-253A, Podium building