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Faculty of Community Services

Brian Clarence



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  • Housing
  • Institutional health
  • Health administration
  • Food hygiene
  • Emergency measures planning
  • Pest management
  • Pollution control
  • Field techniques in environmental health
  • International health


I joined the School of Occupational and Public Health at Ryerson University in 1982. At the University of Toronto, I completed a bachelor of arts in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology, and a master of health sciences with a specialization in Health Promotion. I completed the certificate in Public Health Inspection from Ryerson Polytechnic University and have been a nationally certified public health inspector since 1980 with field experience in urban, rural, and arctic environments.

During my tenure at Ryerson, I have taught a variety of subject areas within the sphere of public health. These areas have included: housing, institutional health, health administration, food hygiene, emergency measures planning, pest management, pollution control, field techniques in environmental health, and international health.

In 1995, after thirteen years at Ryerson, I accepted the position of director of the School of Occupational and Public Health for a five-year term. As director, I led the school through both the first professional accreditation review and the first university review process. I also led the school through a major reorganization of the curriculum that integrated its two discipline areas into a more coherent package.  

Since stepping down as director, I have concentrated on my administrative skills in the areas associated with the Registrar's Office, particularly the admissions process and the student academic credit field. In addition, I also assumed major responsibility for the active promotion of the school and its many academic options, as well as the coordination of the co-operative education option.

Current research interests include hazardous waste management and pollution control, the health effects of the built environment, and international and cross-cultural health with an emphasis on the Canadian Arctic.

I retired in August, 2016 after 34 years at Ryerson.

Position Currently Held:

Professor Emeritus

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