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New Students

Student Information

Ryerson Student Email Account Activation (Matrix)

Every Ryerson student must activate a Ryerson Matrix email account. This Ryerson email account will be your official means of receiving university and program communications. Students can activate their Ryerson email account during the registration week and should do so no later than the end of the first week of classes in the Fall term.

You can activate your account by going to and filling in the online Activation Form (mid-August).

Ryerson's policy on student email accounts explicitly states that "students are expected to monitor and retrieve messages and information issued to them by the University via Ryerson online systems on a frequent and consistent basis." Further, "students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be time‐critical" and "remain responsible for ensuring that all University electronic message communication sent to their official Ryerson E‐mail account is received and read." In other words, you are responsible for checking your Ryerson email often.

Ryerson OneCard

The OneCard is the official identification card for the Ryerson University community. As well as being the single most important piece of ID you possess during your time here at Ryerson it also serves as a convenience card for many of the services available on campus, including the library, printing and photocopying, food purchases, discounts, savings and more. *NEW STUDENTS MUST APPLY ONLINE from June 1- August 15.

*Students who already have a OneCard, who completed an Undergraduate program at Ryerson, must obtain a new GRADUATE OneCard.

To apply for your OneCard and for more details please visit the Ryerson OneCard website: