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Student Access Guarantee (SAG)

If you’re academically qualified for university and are an undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education student receiving full-time OSAP, you may qualify for Student Access Guarantee (SAG), a non-repayable bursary to assist with your educational costs.

For most students, OSAP covers the full assessed financial need for tuition, books, compulsory fees, equipment and supplies. If it doesn’t, then SAG can help.

Each student is automatically assessed for SAG based on the information provided on your OSAP application, including your educational costs for your program and year of study (e.g. tuition, books, compulsory fees, equipment, and supplies).

How to Be Considered for SAG

  1. Make sure you complete your income update when you are prompted to through your OSAP application. This is a very important first step! If you do not complete the income update, you will not be considered for any subsequent steps. 

    Note: Filling in the income update does not necessarily mean you will receive SAG, but the income update must be completed before the deadlines noted in the income update communication in order to be considered.
  2. You'll receive a communication through your OSAP message centre when you need to provide your income update, usually around September/October.
  3. We’ll take a look to see if you’re eligible. If you are eligible, we will either:
    1. Deposit the funds directly to your student account (RAMSS) if you have tuition fees owing. If your SAG bursary is larger than your balance on RAMSS, you will need to request a refund for the credit balance on your RAMSS account; or
    2. If you do not have tuition fees owing, a cheque will automatically be sent to your mailing address as it appears on RAMSS.

Typically, SAG is disbursed in two disbursements for the academic year if your full-time OSAP application is for both the fall and winter semesters (early December and mid-February). If you are only applying for full-time OSAP for one semester, SAG is released around December for fall-only OSAP applicants and February for winter-only OSAP applicants. For students applying for OSAP in the spring/summer term(s), SAG will be disbursed around the middle of the term.

Please note that if there are changes to your course load after you have received SAG, it may affect your SAG disbursement.