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Online Learning Program Schedule

Want to know what we're planning for Get Ryerson Ready? We're adding new things every day, and for up-to-date access make sure you register to join the D2L learning management system and find all our Get Ryerson Ready offerings! Below you can see our schedule as we have planned so far.

Our Community Ready programs are ready to welcome you to the Ramily by connecting you with current and new students in fun ways. We have discussion circles, game nights, and more. Get a feel for the kind of community you're now a part of and join us!

Topic Description Dates (to be confirmed)
Let's Chat: Community Café Community Cafe's will be an opportunity for you to join in and discuss things that are important to you. Topics may include: "What is Ryerson like?", "Demystifying the University Experience", Interfaith Discussions related to post-secondary education, and Leadership. Week of June 29th TBC (Bi-Weekly)
Let's Chat: Community Discussion Boards Looking to engage online with other new Ryerson students? We've created discussion boards for you to meet new people, connect with staff and upper year students, and have fun. Feel free to join as many or as few of the boards as you'd like. First Week of June TBC
Let's Connect: Finding Communities You Connect With There's a place for you here! Each week we'll explore some of the communities across campus that you can connect with and join. Week of July 6th, TBC (Bi-Weekly)
Let's Create: Tutorial Tuesdays Join us weekly for Tutorial Tuesdays where we'll be exploring hobbies, DIYs, and other activities you can do at home. Everything we do will be using stuff you've already got, so there's no need to worry about preparing. We've got you! Week of July 6th, TBC (Bi-Weekly)
Let's Play: Games Nights We might be physically distancing but that doesn't mean we can't have fun, right?!? Join us for some fun and games, individually or as part of a team. Meet new friends and get free stuff. Week of July 13th TBC (Bi-Weekly)
Let's See What You've Got: Ryerson's Got Talent! We've all got talents! Join us on Instagram and show us your skills. Whether you sing, dance, do comedy, or play an instrument, we want to hear you! No experience required. Week of July 6th, TBC (Bi-Weekly)
#RoadtoRyerson: The Online Commuter Guide Did you know that most Ryerson students commute, some travelling more than 1.5 hours to get to campus? This resource--featuring panel conversations and a website--will provide you with advice, tips and tricks for how to make the most of your commuting time and the time you'll spend on campus! Week of August 17th TBC
What to Expect: A Student Experience Panel Gathering students across years and programs, this panel will share their first year experiences and tips and tricks to conquer your first year! Week of June 29th, TBC (Bi-Weekly)
Your #RoadtoRyerson: Understanding Ryerson 101 An introduction to the online pre-orientation program, Ryerson 101, in this session we will explore how to navigate the D2L platform (something you need to know for your academics, too) and showcase the other events we're hosting throughout the summer. Week of August 3rd, TBC (Weekly)

Our Math Ready courses are taught by our math program specialists in Learning Support and have been specially redesigned this year to suit students needing to brush up on their math or who want a taste of what a first year math experience might be like. 

Topic Description Date (to be confirmed)
Faculty of Science Step-Ahead Online Math Course Part One What do Polynomial and Rational Equations, Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, and Trigonometric Equations have in common? They're three major topics that are key to success in math courses in the Faculty of Science. Take part in online lectures, labs and one-on-one tutoring as we review these topics! Start Date: Week of July 13 TBC
End Date: Week of August 3rd TBC
Faculty of Science Step-Ahead Online Math Course Part Two Here, you will advance to more challenging topics in preparation for your first-year math courses in the Faculty of Science. It is not required that you complete part one in this series, however you may find it beneficial. Start Date: Week of August 10 TBC
End Date: Week of August 20 TBC
Self-Directed Learning: Advanced Functions (For Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and the Ted Rogers School of Management) Take some time to learn or review the Advanced Functions curriculum at your own pace, through instructional videos and interactive practice modules. This does not replace a Grade 12 U Mathematics prerequisite for admission, however it is available for you anytime you need a refresher on high school math topics.  Week of July 13 TBC
Self-Directed Learning: Math Specific to the Faculty of Arts This self-directed series of modules will cover four topics that you may find helpful preparation for any Statistics course offered in this faculty: Integers, Equations of Lines, Percents, and Probability. Week of July 13 TBC
Ted Rogers School of Management Math Kickstarter What do Algebra, Percents, Ratios and Financial Math have in common? They're four major topics that are key to success in math courses for students in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management, and School of Business Management in the Ted Rogers School of Management. Take part in online lectures, labs and one-on-one tutoring as we review these topics! August TBC

University writing doesn't need to be scary! Our writing consultants are ready to help you understand citations, academic writing principles, and get beyond the hamburger essay. With introductory modules you can work through anytime, live Zoom lectures, and virtual office hours, we're ready to help you!

Topic Description Date (to be confirmed)
Cite it!: The Basics of Referencing and Citations  Intro Session
This is all about the “P” word, AKA...plagiarism! In this short e-learning module you'll learn the importance of giving credit to the scholars whose ideas and research you use in your papers.

Learn how to properly reference your work in university. Formats like APA and MLA provide frameworks that you will use to credit others' academic work and avoid issues with Ryerson's academic integrity policy.

Virtual Office Hours
Drop by the (virtual) office to get more insight on this week's topic. Any question about university-level writing is fair game. AMA!
Week of August 3rd TBC and Week of August 10th TBC (Virtual Office Hours)
Prove it!: Scholarly Research and Writing  Intro Session
The proof is in the pudding...or in this case, the journal articles! In this short e-learning module, you will learn how to make your arguments convincing with the help of scholarly sources.

What’s the difference between description, opinion and analysis in writing? In this live Zoom lecture, you will learn to incorporate your own ideas into existing scholarly literature using critical reading, note taking, and analysis skills.

Virutal Office Hours
Drop by the (virtual) office to get more insight on this week's topic. Any question about university-level writing is fair game. AMA!
Week of July 27th TBC
Review it!: Effective Revision and Editing  Intro Session
Let your ideas shine! Learn self-editing strategies that can help you reduce the number of mistakes in your paper and make your ideas more clear.

Let's make grammar errors a thing of the past! Tune in to this live Zoom lecture to learn how to avoid grammar mistakes that will confuse your reader.

Virtual Office Hours
Drop by the (virtual) office to get more insight on this week's topic. Any question about university-level writing is fair game. AMA!
Week of August 17th TBC

Runway to University Writing

Wondering what written assignments are like in university? This quick module will give you a sneak peak at the major types of writing assignments encountered by undergraduate students across disciplines and how the writing process can work for you! Week of July 6th TBC
What's your point?: Argument and Structure  Intro Session
Whatever happened to the 'hamburger essay'? In this short module students will be introduced to the idea of a thesis statement and learn about the key differences between university and highschool writing.

Get into an argument with us! Learn what makes a strong thesis statement and you'll never lose another debate.

Virtual Office Hours
Drop by the (virtual) office to get more insight on this week's topic. Any question about university-level writing is fair game. AMA!
Week of July 13th and Week of July 20th TBC (Virtual Office Hours

There's so many different ways to learn and study - our learning specialists can help you find what works for you! We can help you understand what to expect in first year, help you practice strategies and build habits for success, and more!

Topic Description Date (to be confirmed)
What to Expect: Assignments, Tests and Where to Get Help Assignments look different in university. You need to seize opportunities for evaluation with confidence. Join us to learn more about how tests, exams, and assignments 'work' and where you can go for help in first year. Week of July 20th, TBC
What to Expect: First Year University Academics (An Overview) Join us as we introduce you to the nuts and bolts of first-year university academic encounters, from how to read a course syllabus to communicating effectively with your profs! Week of July 6th, TBC
What to Expect: Managing your Time and Energy for Academic Success If you're worried about how you are going to balance your academics with volunteer opportunities, work, commuting, or family responsibilities, we're here to support you with some advice, tips, and practical strategies for managing your time and energy effectively. Join us to learn more!

Week of July 27th TBC
What to Expect: The University Lecture This is everything you need to know about attending lectures in University: taking good notes, strategies for extending your focus, and key content to listen for to improve your performance. Week of July 13th, TBC

Our Health and Active Well-being programs are offered by our partners in Student Wellbeing and Athletics and Recreation and are designed to help support your health and help you build habits and learn new strategies for taking care and for thriving as a student. These sessions will help you to prepare physically and mentally for the road ahead, including weekly exercises and a showcase of student wellbeing services. 

Topic Description Date (to be confirmed)
Let’s Cook: Food Tip Tuesday Join us bi-weekly for a healthy cooking lesson hosted by a Nutrition and Food student! Together we will spend 30 minutes to one hour cooking a healthy, filling, and inexpensive meal together all while learning about a variety of food tips that are relevant to the week's topic. All cooking abilities are welcome. For more information, including recipe lists please check out our social media @RURecreation.

Beginning week of July 13th (Bi-Weekly)
Let’s Move: Active Fridays* Do you want to end your week on a high note? Join us every Friday where we will post a new fitness activity for you to try out solo or with your friends and family. Don’t forget to check us out on social media @RURecreation for more information and tag us so we see it! Beginning week of July 6th (Bi-Weekly)
Let’s Play: Bing-GO! Are you looking for new activities to try out this summer? Look no further: our bi-weekly bingo game is chalked full of fun and new activities for you to try! With a mix of active and mindful activities, we’ve got something for everyone! Make sure to follow us on social media @RURecreation so you see when we post them. Beginning week of July 6th (Bi-Weekly)
Let's Move: Virtual Group Fitness Come move with Ryerson Recreation as we host weekly virtual Group Fitness classes on our @RURecreation Instagram platform. Group Fitness is a free program offered by Ryerson Recreation available to all students. Visit our website for class descriptions and our virtual Group Fitness schedule.
Beginning week of June 29th (weekly)
Let’s Get Ready : SHARPER Student Workshop Let’s get you ready for 1st year. We'll show you what you might expect from being at university and help you build your capacity to recognize when you are struggling, show you how to troubleshoot solutions and get help. This workshop will build your resilience and get you confident to start your university journey.
What To Expect: Ryerson Medical Centre
We’ll review what services are provided to students at the Ryerson Medical Centre and how to make an appointment with the doctors. There will be lots of time to ask questions as well.
Let’s Get Ready: Thriving in Action
Learn Top Ten Tips to build motivation, optimism, belonging and resilience, along with learning strategy essentials like mindful time management, chunking, and effective studying. TBD (1 Hour)
Let’s Be Well: Taking Care of our Mental and Emotional Well-being
What helps us feel well and be well? And how does this help us do well? Learn about how you can best prepare yourself for the journey ahead by strengthening your mental and emotional wellbeing. Come explore supports offered by the Centre of Student Development and Counselling, learn about common challenges to anticipate, and ways to meet these challenges with the best that you’ve got!
TBD (1.5 Hour)
What to Expect: Supports for Students with Disabilities
Are you a student with a disability that impacts your education? Are you looking for information about how your learning needs will be met on campus? Join us to learn about the process of getting registered with Academic Accommodation Support at Ryerson! Let’s get curious about your strengths in a university classroom and discuss strategies for addressing academic challenges.We’ll also share a variety of campus resources to get you set for success.

Parents, Friends and Supporters Orientation

You’ve reached this important milestone. Going to university is a passage marked by change, exploration, growth and self-discovery. Both you and your student will be faced with the challenge of “letting go” as they mature, assert their independence, and step out of the final stages of adolescence and into adulthood. At times, you may be the first person to whom they turn with a problem; at others they may fiercely resist your efforts to intervene. Old expectations and patterns of interacting will give way to new roles, understandings, and ways of relating. 

This is where the Family, Friends and Supporters Orientation may be able to help. Throughout July and August we’ll be hosting several sessions where we invite numerous campus partners to speak to the services and resources they provide to students. Each session will begin with a short presentation, after which we will break off into smaller groups where you will have an opportunity to speak to all of the representatives we have available in the form of a Human Library. 

Please fill out the RSVP form, external link to ensure any questions you have or topics/themes you would like discussed are included in all sessions we host.