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What is Level Up?

Find opportunities on campus and capture them on an official university document. Use your involvement on campus and in your community to build your co-curricular record with Level Up, Ryerson University’s co-curricular recognition program!

Whether you're applying for a summer job, grad school or the next step in your career, Level Up has you covered. Jump in and explore the levels now!

Take your experiences to the next level!

Recognize your strengths and learn how to thrive.


Choose to discover your strengths by completing a StrengthsQuest assessment to gain insight into your top 5 personal strengths. Learn about new areas of development and use your strengths to your advantage inside and outside of the classroom.

Gallup StrengthsQuest is a tool used to help you uncover your talents. When you know your strengths, it becomes easier to identify the classes and craft the careers that allow you to do what you do best.

Once you’ve received confirmation that you’re registered in Level Up, you'll have access to our Ryerson StrengthsQuest portal. Here, you'll find all of the information you need to get started with your personal strengths assessment.


Did you know that 40% of your level of happiness set point is fully under your control?  The other 60% is based on genetics (50%) and life circumstances (10%). You can take charge of your life satisfaction by changing what you do and what you think.

Look for ways to get involved on campus and in your community!

Try new things on and off campus! Attend events and participate in clubs, course unions and committees (in addition to countless other opportunities to get involved). Find out about involvement opportunities on ConnectRU and track your progress using the Level Up Experience Tracker.

Keep track of your experiences as a Ryerson student.

Use the D2L ePortfolio to reflect on your experiences and store and collect artifacts from your experiences. Build an online portfolio where you can translate the transferable skills you’ve learned from exploring your community into tangible items for your resume, LinkedIn, personal blog and networking opportunities (to name a few).

Tell someone about what you’ve been up to!

Attend exclusive Level Up workshops offered by areas across campus to perfect your articulation of the transferable skills you’ve gained through your on and off-campus engagement. From resume and interview help to storytelling and reflection, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to prepare to share your story

We’ll email you with information on next steps within 48-hours of receiving your application.

Student Experiences with Level Up

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Level Up with Samia: Learning From A "Bad" Interview

Level Up with Cole: How Do I Turn Weaknesses into Strengths?


Tracking your Experience on ConnectRU

Once your registration has been confirmed, a Level Up Experience Tracker will appear on your ConnectRU profile. You can access it by visiting

  1. Clicking on the Level Up: Student Experience Blueprint Experience Tracker path.
  2. Under each of the seven (7) themes, you will see things that count towards your Level Up Experience Tracker happening on campus. The completion criteria for each item can be seen when you click on individual items.
  3. For experiences you have that aren’t listed (both on and off-campus), use the Self-Reported Experiences Tool found under each theme to track them in your ePortfolio.

*There is no required number of items you must complete. We encourage you to use the Experience Tracker as a place to keep track of all of the things you are doing both on and off-campus during your time at Ryerson.