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Virtual Library of Self-help Resources

The information provided in these resources, while potentially helpful, is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis or counselling. We therefore strongly encourage you to talk to one of the counsellors in the Centre for Student Development and Counselling, your doctor or a mental health professional in the community about the difficulties you are experiencing.

Counselling Centre Tip Sheets

Tips sheets prepared by the Centre for Student Development and Counselling on a number of issues including performance anxiety, self-esteem,  good sleep hygiene,  avoiding burnout and being assertive.


Moodgym is a free self-help website through which you can learn cognitive behavioural strategies for preventing and coping with depression and anxiety.

American University Counselling Centre Virtual Pamphlets, external link

Virtual pamphlets on an extensive range of issues compiled from American university counselling centres.

Ecouch, external link

Ecouch contains on-line exercises and strategies for dealing with depression, general worry, social anxiety, relationships, grief and loss. 

Simon Fraser University Media Library, external link

Simon Fraser University‚Äôs media library includes video and audio resources on mindfulness and yoga. 

Mind your Mind, external link

Mind Your Mind focuses on youth and includes a tool box, strategies, personal stories and videos.

Sexuality and You, external link

Sexuality and u is a clearing house and resource on all things related to your sexual health.