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As your student prepares to begin their studies, you may find that you’re juggling many different feelings - pride, excitement, apprehension, “empty nest” blues, even perhaps a little relief. What follows are some common transitional issues typically faced by those entering university for the first time, whether they are living at home, in residence, or off campus. These are presented in the context of common scenarios in relation to which you might receive a cry for help. Each section contains perspectives based on a survey of what students at Ryerson thought caregivers most need to know. As well, we have provided related tips on how you might assist your student in adjusting to a new environment, and in managing the increased freedom and responsibility that come with it. For those who prefer a linear view, we have added a calendar indicating important happenings and issues which arise at particular junctures in the academic cycle. Included, too, is a list of Student Affairs and campus supports as well as some other key resources which are available to help students during their first year and throughout their academic career at Ryerson. Encourage your student to access these useful sources of assistance at the first sign of difficulty.