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How do I register for my classes? Can I take a course “not-for-credit”? How do I get permission to take courses at another university toward my Ryerson degree?

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Add, drop and swap your classes in RAMSS. For more information, visit the Registrar's Office website

Adding, dropping and swapping classes

Add: enrol in a course
Drop: withdraw from a course
Swap: hold your seat in one class until you are successfully enrolled in a new class

You can do all of these enrolment functions on RAMSS. RAMSS uses a Shopping Cart-style system. Please follow the step-by-step instructions available on the Enrolment Services and Student Records website. Check the Significant Dates Table to make sure you add, drop and swap your courses by the published deadline.

Tip: Dropping classes will affect your OSAP funding. You must report these changes to the Student Financial Assistance Office.

Course intentions

Course Intention is the first part of the enrolment process. You choose the courses you wish to take in the coming academic year so we can produce a timetable for you before open enrolment.

All full-time students should take part in the annual course intention process in mid- March for the coming academic year. Your participation is important because it assists your Faculty with their course planning for the next academic year. Based on the courses YOU choose, they will decide how many classes of a particular subject to offer.

Participation has many benefits, including:

  • Get your OSAP confirmed faster!
  • Get your Enrolment Confirmation Forms processed earlier!
  • Ensure your eligibility for Career Boost!
  • Confirm your GO Transit eligibility quicker

Online enrolment appointment

We will assign a specific date range in which you can add, drop and swap classes for the next term. This period is known as your Online Enrolment Appointment. Think of this as a priority enrolment period for students in your cohort. Log in to RAMSS and choose “Enrolment Dates” to confirm your enrolment appointment dates.

Open enrolment

This is the enrolment period that is open to all students, regardless of cohort. In the fall, it starts after the Enrolment Appointment period and ends on the last day to add a class.

You are academically and financially responsible for all courses and charges that accrue as a result of the Course Intention and/or the Open Enrolment processes, unless the Enrolment Services and Student Fees Office is notified in writing within university deadlines (See Significant Dates). These charges also apply to continuing education course enrolments, changes and drops.

Non-attendance/non-payment is not acceptable for the removal of courses and fee charges.

Auditing a course

Some undergraduate courses are available for auditing. This means you enrol in the course as an “Audit” student, attend lectures and learn the subject, but do not get academic credit.

You need to get permission in advance from the Teaching Department to audit a course. You can only audit day lecture courses; labs and continuing education courses are not available for audit. Also, Audit courses are not eligible for financial assistance. On your Transcript, instead of a grade, we will assign the “AUD” designation. The audited course is not used in your GPA or Academic Standing calculations. The Undergraduate Course Audit Form, with detailed instructions, is online. Consult Significant Dates to make sure that you apply before the published deadlines.

Letter of permission

If you wish to take a course at another postsecondary institution for credit toward your Ryerson degree, you must get permission in advance.

The approval is known as a Letter of Permission. The process can take several days and, depending on the course, may involve the approval of multiple departments. Give yourself plenty of time to get all the needed approvals.

The request form with detailed instructions, regulations, timelines and payment information is found on the Curriculum Advising Website.

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