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Programs and Majors

How do I declare my major? How do I transfer to another Ryerson program? How to I withdraw from my program?

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The complete list of programs and majors is published in the undergraduate calendar.

Changing majors (plan changes)

Many programs at Ryerson offer you a choice of major. Before trying to change your Plan/Major, read the information for your program in the Undergraduate Calendar, opens in new window.

Some programs have specific plan change requirements, which may include a minimum CGPA. Your Program Department will notify you after winter grading if you do not meet your chosen plan’s criteria. Most programs allow you to change your Plan on RAMSS. Login to RAMSS, choose "My Academics" and follow the links.

The RAMSS Support webpage give you detailed instructions about how to change your major.

Changing programs

You can only register in one Ryerson degree program (including Special Student studies) at any given time. When you apply for, are offered and accept a transfer from one Ryerson program to another, you give up your "spot" in your original program.

If you wish to transfer to another program, apply through Undergraduate Admissions, following the process for current Ryerson Students.

Tip: Changing programs will affect your OSAP funding. You must report program transfers to the Student Financial Assistance Office.

Program withdrawal

Stepping out for one year or less: Complete the Short-Term Withdrawal Form if you wish to take a short formal break from your studies at Ryerson for the next academic year (Fall and/or Winter).

Consult Significant Dates for applicable deadlines and the Refund Schedule, and see Timespan.

Permanently leaving Ryerson: If your Academic Standing is Clear or Probationary, but you wish to voluntarily and permanently withdraw from studies at Ryerson, then you must fill out an Application to Withdraw (pdf).

You will be assigned failing grades for all enrolled courses that you do not complete unless you officially, formally withdraw. You are responsible for all associated course fees. Your Academic Standing may also be affected. In short, it is best to make your withdrawal official.

Students whose Academic Standing is Permanent Program Withdrawal or Required to Withdraw are not required to fill out this application form.

Program withdrawal checklist

  • Check the Significant Date Table and the Refund Schedule
  • Meet with your Program Department to discuss your decision
  • Return all library books and borrowed equipment and pay all unpaid fines
  • Submit an Application to Withdraw Form
  • If you are receiving Financial Assistance or OSAP, tell the Student Financial Assistance Office that you are withdrawing from your program.
  • Consult the OneCard Refund Policy on refunds of OneCard funds
  • If you are living in Residence, consult your Residence Contract for information about refunds.

Program discontinuation

If you do not enrol into and complete a course for six or more consecutive terms, your student status will be discontinued. You will no longer be active in your program. Discontinued students, who wish to resume studies, must apply for re-admission to Ryerson and/or their program of study through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment. Re-admission is not guaranteed. Also see timespan.

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