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English Language Support

For students who use English as an additional language looking for help with their writing, reading, listening, speaking, and oral presentation skills.

To help multilingual students engage fully in their education at Ryerson, we offer a variety of free support programs designed to help students improve and develop their communication skills – help with writing, speaking, listening, and reading. This also becomes an opportunity to meet fellow students and practice language skills in a friendly, stress-free environment. 

Browse through the menu for details on specific programs, or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

For help with writing
  • Book a 50-minute Individual Help appointment to review a written assignment. Meet with an ELS student staff, who is trained to help with academic essay structure, language, clarification and style.
  • Complete our (PDF) Writing Practice Activity for general writing practice. Become more aware of the writing process, learn to overcome common errors - both grammar and usage, whilst gaining confidence, and find your written voice.
For help with listening & speaking
  • Book a 50-minute appointment for Individual Help to practice and improve English conversation and pronunciation. Build your vocabulary, fluency, & confidence through structured and unstructured activities.
  • Register for an English Communication Support (ECS) class. Practical, task‐based classes with an emphasis on academic speaking skills development.
  • Join a Group Session to improve your oral fluency and interpersonal communication skills through group discussions, real‐life tasks and presentations.
  • Work on pronunciation, book an appointment for a self-directed session in our English Language Practice Lab.
  • Participate in the Ryerson Conversational Connections Program. Practice your English language speaking skills in an out‐of‐classroom conversational situation, exchange cultural ideas, and gain an appreciation of intergenerational differences. You will be matched with a volunteer from Programs for 50+ at The Chang School of Continuing Education. Contact SLS Senior English Language Specialist ( for more information.
For help with oral presentation skills
  • Book a 50-minute Individual Help appointment to review your presentation materials (e.g. PowerPoint slides), practice your presentation and receive meaningful feedback.
  • Read our (PDF) How to Make a Speech handout.

English Language Support

Individual Help

Book an appointment for individual 50-minute personalized sessions where you can work on writing, reading, listening or speaking skills, or practice an upcoming oral presentation.

Want to work from home? If you need help reviewing a written assignment or want to practice speaking skills, request an online appointment via Skype.

Book an Appointment

English Language Support

Group Sessions

Do you want to practice your conversation skills in a relaxed, fun setting? Come join one of our conversation groups.

Group sessions aim to improve your oral fluency and interpersonal communication skills through group discussions, real-life tasks and presentations. Learn strategies for vocabulary development, general/professional communication and gain confidence in your conversation and facilitation skills.

Each group meets for 8 to 10 sessions per semester.

Register for Group Sessions

English Language Support

During the Fall and Winter semesters, English Communication Support (ECS) classes are offered as a co-curricular element of the LNG-111 course (Department of English). Although some content is tied to LNG-111, ECS classes are open to all Ryerson students who use English as an additional language. 

ECS classes enhance the academic speaking skills of multilingual students, and give students enrolled in LNG-111 an opportunity to better understand the course content through discussion activities and in-class presentations.

The class runs for 8 weeks each semester and each class is 2 hours in length.

Important dates

  • Spring/Summer 2017: no ECS classes offered
  • Fall 2017: ECS classes start September 2017
  • Winter 2018: ECS classes start January 2018

ECS Classes

English Language Support

Book an appointment for a self-directed session in our English Language Lab. You can work on:

  • pronunciation
  • grammar
  • verb tenses
  • idioms

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