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For Professors

Student Learning Support is committed to providing faculty with resources and expertise to support and enhance learning in their courses and across the curricula. We host a range of core programs and services that are available to students throughout the year. We recommend that you include information about our services on your course syllabus, or in your D2L course shell. 

Quick Faculty Links

Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) faculty system, log in to:

  • Access accommodation letters from students
  • Review and approve test/exam requests
  • Upload a copy of test/exam

Make-up Test Centre faculty system, log in to:

  • Review and approve make-up test/exam requests

Accommodating Students in Online Exams

Ryerson Test Centre: Faculty FAQ

Exam Information for Professors and Invigilators (Office of the Registrar)

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Faculty Resources

(PDF) Academic Accommodation Support Teaching Handbook
(Google docs) Program Information for Syllabi

Request Customized In-class Support

We also recognize that academic skill building is most effective in the context of real classroom work. We can work with you to create a learning support presence in your class that responds to your course requirements. Previous collaborations include:

  • How can Student Learning Support help you succeed in your courses?
  • Writing a Research Essay/Book Report/Lab Report
  • Creating an Annotated Bibliography
  • Test and Exam Preparation
  • Time Management

Generic presentations are typically offered at no cost. More customized and intensive workshops tailored to your curricular requirements may come with a fee. To inquire about undertaking a special project for your course, please submit the form below. We require a two-week notice to prepare and create materials. Due to demand on services and resource constraints, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests for classroom-based support.

Submit a request


Academic Accommodation Process

Academic Accommodation Support has a new home! Please check out this link to visit our AAS Faculty page directly for up to date information and announcements.

Make-up Test and Exam Process

For detailed information on the make-up test/exam process, please visit the NEW Test Centre page.

Make-up Test Centre Faculty Portal

Make-up Test Centre System

Online System Manual

(PDF) Make-up Test Centre Faculty Manual


Make-up Tests for Academic Accommodation Support Registrants

The make-up test/exam online system does not facilitate testing for students who write with accommodation through the Academic Accommodation Support.

If your student will require accommodations, please log in to the Faculty Portal for Academic Accommodation Support.

Contact the Test Centre

Faculty Enquiries:

By phone: 416.979.5000 ext. 3592

By email:

Online Resources and Tools

We have a repository of Online Resources and Handouts and three short, interactive online Learning Modules. Each module takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, and serves as an introduction to the topic. You can encourage your students to use our online materials or add them to your course shell on Blackboard.

Student Learning Support

(Google Calendar) SLS Workshops and Events
SLS Support Area and Programming Information to include in your Course Syllabi

Online Interactive Learning Modules

Basic Essay Writing Module  
Writing the Research Essay - Integrating Sources Module  
Time Management Module  

RUSearch: Online Essay Writing Tool

Student Learning Support and the Ryerson Library teamed up to create RUSearch, an online tutorial providing step-by-step on how to develop, organize, research and write your essay.

RUSearch Essay Tutorial  


Questions related to COVID-19 Updates:

The Test Centre continues to support faculty, however our service delivery has changed since shifting to a virtual work environment. Supports available to faculty include:

  • Answering general enquiries regarding individualized testing accommodations
  • Confirming student accommodations
  • Troubleshooting accommodation-related issues in D2L

Please note, the Test Centre is not currently scheduling or administering exams. Faculty are encouraged to offer alternative assessments for final evaluations; however, if you are planning a virtual online exam, please review the following resources:

Accommodating Students in Online Exams

Ryerson Test Centre: Faculty FAQ

Exam Information for Professors and Invigilators (Office of the Registrar)

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Questions related to Academic Accommodation

What does Student Learning Support do and what is Academic Accommodation Support?

Student Learning Support is the umbrella department for all academic support services on campus. We review medical documentation and register students with disabilities for accommodation; arranges physical and academic accommodations; teaches adaptive technology; and assists students with problem-solving surrounding disability. We are also a resource on disability-related issues for faculty and staff. 

What types of disabilities do Academic Accommodation Support registrants have?

The varieties of disabilities include physical, sensory, chronic illness/medical conditions, learning disabilities and psychological/mental health conditions. Students may also receive accommodations on a temporary basis, as a result of injury or accident.

Why can't I know the details of a student's disability?

The nature of a student's disability, as well as their registration with the Access Centre, is strictly confidential. The details of a student's disability may not be discussed without receiving proper written permission from the student beforehand. 

What is an Accommodation Letter?

An Accommodation Letter indicates to faculty that the student is registered with the Access Centre. It also outlines the student's individualized accommodations.

What if I have questions about a student’s accommodations or I am concerned that those recommended may compromise academic requirements?

When you have questions about a student's accommodations or you are concerned that the recommended accommodations may compromise the academic standards of your course/program, please call the student's Accommodation Facilitator listed on the bottom of the Accommodation Form for Professors.

Questions related to make-up tests/exams

What is the difference between a make-up test/exam and a test/exam with accommodation?

A make-up test/exam is an opportunity for students who, for legitimate reasons, missed a scheduled test/exam, to fulfill the requirements of a course. These are facilitated through the Test Centre. A test/exam with accommodations is the provision of an accessible testing environment for students with disabilities. These are facilitated through Academic Accommodation Support.

How does a make-up test/exam request get initiated?

If a student misses a regularly-scheduled test/exam and wishes to write a make-up during the term in which s/he was enrolled, the student is required to contact the course instructor by email as soon as possible. With appropriate documentation, a make-up test/exam will be scheduled within the same semester.

For further information regarding policies related to make-up tests and exams, please refer to Ryerson University Senate Policy #145 - Undergraduate Course Management Policy, section 2.2. or Policy #135 – Examination Policy.

Under what circumstances are make-up tests/exams generally allowed?

Religious, Aboriginal, and Spiritual observance

Students are advised to notify instructors of an observance accommodation need within the first two weeks of classes. Requests for accommodation of observance can be made formally or informally.

Formal requests are submitted to instructors using the Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal, and Spiritual Observance Form.

Informal requests are made verbally through private discussion or through an email between the student and instructor.

For further information regarding accommodations for observance, please refer to Ryerson University Senate Policy #150 - Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance

Athletic Competition Absences

Students are expected to provide a letter from the Director of Athletics as well as notify their instructors as soon as possible.

Medical Absences

Instructors may request a completed Ryerson Medical Certificate in order to approve a make-up test/exam for a student who misses a test/exam for medical reasons.

Compassionate Absences

Appropriate documentation to request from a student who misses a test/exam for compassionate reasons may include:

  • Travel documents
  • Death certificate
  • Notice from a funeral home,
  • Letter from a counselor, therapist, religious leader, or community leader

Students must contact their instructor as soon as possible to notify of a medical or compassionate absence. Instructors will determine whether or not students need to submit any documentation.

Extenuating Circumstances

Requests for alternative examination dates and times on grounds other than religion will be granted in exceptional circumstances involving pre-existing health problems and/or other mitigating circumstances beyond the student’s control. (Work schedules and discretionary arrangements such as travel plans are not normally considered to be acceptable grounds.) Such a request must be made to the course instructor within one week of the announcement of the examination schedule. If the request is granted, it is for the instructor to determine an alternative time and date.

For further information, please refer to Ryerson University Senate Policy #134 - Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals (IB, P-IB).

Upon agreement for alternate arrangements, the arrangement is considered final unless subsequent events interfere with the fulfillment of that alternate arrangement, and the grade in the course may not be appealed based upon an allegation of the original arrangement being unfair.

Where do students submit their documentation to write a make-up test/exam?

The Test Centre does not facilitate the collection of any personal documentation. Students must submit all related documentation to their instructor in advance of the make-up test. All faculty and staff are required to exercise discretion and adhere to the principles of confidentiality regarding any documentation received.

Privacy Notice: If a student is submitting documentation that contains the personal information of others, student must attach a letter confirming that this documentation can be used for the purpose of writing a make-up test/exam. Without written consent, the documents cannot be used.

What if a student misses a make-up test/exam?

In the event that a student misses a scheduled make-up test/exam, a second make-up may be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor. The student may be required to provide a detailed rationale supported by appropriate documentation for consideration.

For further information regarding policies related to missed make-up tests and exams, please refer to Ryerson University Senate Policy #145 - Undergraduate Course Management Policy, section 2.2.9.

For information regarding grading designations, please refer to Ryerson University Senate Policy #46 - On Undergraduate Grading, Promotion, And Academic Standing (The “GPA Policy”).


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