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    Join our Tutor Registry

    Do you have an area of expertise and the willingness to help out other students? Sign-up to be a paid tutor on our Registry.

    The Tutor Registry is a tutor database that matches a student who needs assistance with the material in a Ryerson course with a student who successfully completed the course.

    SLS verifies that the potential tutor is a current Ryerson student, that he/she has achieved at least a B+ in the course for which they are offering tutoring services, and that the potential tutor’s CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is above 2.33.

    We created a useful Guide to the Tutor Registry with information on how to conduct sessions, tutor expectations, and general tips for finding a tutor.

    Become a Tutor

    Apply to become a Tutor:

    To join the Tutor Registry and become a paid tutor, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have a B+ or better in the course you want to tutor.
    2. Have a cumulative GPA of above 2.33.
    3. Be a current Ryerson student (graduate, undergraduate or continuing education student).

    Students who do not meet the criteria will have their application rejected.

    Log in to submit a Tutor Registry Form.

    If accepted, the Registry will save your information for one academic year.

    Find a Tutor

    Use the Tutor Registry to find a tutor to help you with your course. The Registry will check for potential matches and email you a list of names that match your preferences.

    Contact potential tutors to arrange a time to meet on campus (e.g. Library Building, Student Centre, ect). Interview potential tutors to determine if it will be a good match. Remember to discuss hourly rate, availability, and preferred location for tutoring.

    Log in to create an account and find a tutor!


    SLS does not interview, supervise or evaluate tutors in any way. As such, we cannot guarantee the quality of tutoring. We do not become involved in payment for services. Tutors are not employed by Ryerson University or Student Learning Support.