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Study Skills and Transition Support

Do you want to learn more effective study skills and habits? Come chat with our study-skills experts.


To ensure everyone's health and safety during COVID-19,  we have moved all of our Learning Support 1-1 appointments, workshops and supported learning groups to phone or virtual connection.

Download the Online Learning Resources for students.

What is Study Skills and Transition Support?

Being a successful student requires hard work and dedication but it also requires developing the skills to learn effectively and efficiently. Our study skills and transition programs will help you to start that process. 

Browse through the menu for details on specific programs.

Study Skills and Transition Support

Peer Academic Coach / Learning Strategy

Book an appointment to get study skills help:

  • Work on time-management, effective note-taking, test and exam preparation, reading strategies and more.
  • Develop personalized study plans.

If it's your first appointment with us, we encourage you to book a 50-minute appointment.

Book an Appointment

Appointments for Students with the Ted Rogers School of Business and Faculty of Community Services

Students with the Ted Rogers School of Business

Please note that SLS Peer Academic Coach appointments are for students registered with the following faculties: Arts, Communication and Design, Engineering and Architectural Science, Science, Yeates School of Graduate Studies and the Chang School of Continuing Education.

Students with the Ted Rogers School of Management can contact 416.979.5000 ext. 2435 or email for an appointment with a learning strategist.

Students with the Faculty of Community Services

Please note that SLS Peer Academic Coach appointments are for students registered with the following faculties: Arts, Communication and Design, Engineering and Architectural Science, Science, Yeates School of Graduate Studies and the Chang School of Continuing Education.

Students with the Faculty of Community Services can contact for an appointment.


Do you like to learn in a classroom setting? Register for one of our many academic-skills workshops.

SLS offers workshops on a variety of topics designed to help you become more familiar with the essential skills necessary for academic success and allow you to build a foundation for academic skill-building. Some of our workshops are available for download, please visit Online Resources.

Study Skills and Transition Support workshops


Writing Support workshops

Study Skills and Transition Support

Supported Learning Groups (SLGs)

Drop-in to a discussion-based, course-specific Supported Learning Group (SLG)!

Throughout the fall and winter semesters, SLGs meet several times throughout the week. We encourage you to attend regularly and engage with your peers, guided by an experienced student facilitator. Develop mastery of course content as well as critical academic skills!

Drop-in Science Support for CHY113 and PCS130

Our summer version of SLGs, Drop-in Science Support will meet several times throughout the week. Drop-in for some study support from an experienced student facilitator and to connect and collaborate with peers taking the same courses! 

Drop-in Science Support runs from June 29th to August 11th. 

Bookmark the schedule and plan to attend regularly to build good study habits that will boost your marks and your learning experience.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Notice: All SLG and Drop-in Science Support sessions continue to meet online for the Fall semester.   

SLGs will begin again in the fall and run from September 21st to December 7th. 

Directions for how to join online sessions will be posted on the SLG schedule.

SLG-supported courses per semester

  • Fall: CHY 102, CHY103, CHY142, MTH131, MTH140, MTH207, CPS109, PCS120, PCS 211, and SSH105
  • Winter: CHY113, MTH231, MTH240, MTH207, MTH310, PCS130, PCS125, and SSH105
  • Spring (Drop-in Science Support): CHY113 and PCS130



Study Skills and Transition Support

Summer Jumpstart

How RU feeling now that your journey to Ryerson has started? Coming to university can be quite daunting, but we have a great opportunity for you to get the best start possible as a Ryerson student!

The Summer Jumpstart program is an amazing opportunity for you to meet other incoming students, explore campus, and of course - learn about how to put your best foot forward academically!

Please direct questions to

Summer 2019 dates

  • Monday, August 12, from 10:30am to 4:00pm
  • Thursday, August 15, from 10:30am to 4:00pm
  • Thursday, August 22, from 3:00pm to 8:00pm 

All 3 sessions are full. Students can still participate in Orientation Week, starting August 26 to August 30.


Registered participants can check-in at the 4th Floor Reception in the Student Learning Centre (341 Yonge Street).

Study Skills and Transition Support

Fresh Start

A Student Success Program designed for students who have been 'Required to Withdraw' from their program of study. It is designed to help students make better and more informed decisions about their studies, and get back on track.

If you are a student who is Required to Withdraw (RTW), then the Fresh Start Program may be one of the options towards reinstatement. For all the details about important dates, eligibility criteria, and the process for enrollment, please read the Ryerson Current Student RTW information page.

Apply to participate in Fresh Start by contacting your home department or by transferring to another program that participates in Fresh Start Transfers.

Student Learning Support administers the required 8-week skills-building course called Fresh Start Strategies (CIFS100).  Students approved for Fresh Start by their department are automatically enrolled in the CIFS100 course. The Fresh Start Strategies course involves face-to-face sessions, weekly online discussions and online course assignments. The course provides an opportunity for you to explore the reasons you were previously unsuccessful, and whether your initial program selection was right for you; it will also give you the opportunity to enhance your academic skills.

The successful completion of the Fresh Start Strategies course (CIFS100) and meeting the Fresh Start requirements established by your program will guarantee reinstatement the following semester.

Important Fresh Start and Reinstatement Dates

  • August 7, 2020: Deadline to apply for Fall 2020 Fresh Start Program (RTW after Winter 2020)
  • December 4, 2020: Deadline to apply for the Winter 2021 Fresh Start Program (RTW after Spring/Summer 2020)

Contact Fresh Start

Tel: (416) 979-5000   ext. 6565


Study Skills and Transition Support

Get Clear

If you are a student on Academic Probation, you can sign up for Get Clear to improve your learning skills and develop helpful goals to boost your academic performance.

How it Works

Attend a two-part online workshop to plan for a successful semester, then get continued support all semester:

  • Explore your academic strengths and challenges.
  • Learn strategies to improve your academic performance.
  • Develop a plan for your semester.


Get Clear is available in two one-hour sessions. 

  • Part 1: September 15 (1pm - 2pm) or September 17th (6pm - 7pm)
  • Part 2: September 29 ( 1pm - 2pm) or October 1 (6pm - 7pm)

After the workshops, you'll have the options to continue in the program and be connected online with an Peer Academic Coach to support you throughout the semester.

Sign-up for Get Clear:


Contact Get Clear

Tel:  (416) 979-5000  ext. 6565




Academic Edge

Start the semester strong. Sharpen your academic skills. Gain an academic edge.

Fall 2020 dates: Tuesdays, September 22 to November 3 

Academic Edge is a 6-week program specifically designed for first-year students. By building on your current academic and study strategies, facilitators will help you build the skills that are critical to your success. 

Through weekly group sessions, facilitators address key concerns from students (i.e. learning from lectures, time management and goal-setting, preparing for mid-terms, effective reading strategies etc.) to help you gain an academic edge on your studies.

First year students in any program or faculty are encouraged to register. Space is limited.

Join RU Tutor Match

What is RU Tutor Match?

RU Tutor Match is a tool designed to help qualified students find paid work as tutors and to help students who would like additional, individualized, and course specific support find and hire tutors.

How does RU Tutor Match work?

Become a Tutor

To be listed as a tutor for hire on RU Tutor Match and become a paid tutor, you must meet the following criteria:

  • have a B+ or better in the courses you want to tutor
  • have a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or above
  • be a current undergraduate Ryerson student
  • complete mandatory tutor training with Student Learning Support staff

Visit RU Tutor Match to create a profile, confirm your eligibility, and sign up for the mandatory Tutor Training Workshop.

To prepare you for independent work as a paid tutor, the tutor training workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Planning tutoring sessions.
  • Ethical behavior in tutoring (including academic honesty).
  • Effective communication and how to give constructive feedback.

Food will be provided at the workshop, but there will be no remuneration.

Find and hire a Tutor

Use RU Tutor Match to find the tutor that is right for you. The system will check for tutors that can help you with your current or near-future coursework. It is up to you to contact these potential tutors and establish a follow-up plan: where, when, and how to meet, how much you will pay them and when, and any other relevant details.


RU Tutor Match tutors are not employed by Ryerson University or by Student Learning Support (SLS). Neither Ryerson University nor SLS become involved in payment for services.

While SLS does provide tutor training to all RU Tutor Match tutors, SLS does not interview, supervise, or evaluate tutors in any way. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the quality of tutoring or academic outcome(s). A positive tutoring experience depends on a tutee finding an appropriate tutor to match their learning style.


Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP)

Study all-night and enjoy free food!

The Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP) is a late-night study event! LNAP is your chance to plow through assignments and homework; enjoy supported study space and free food!

Winter 2020 LNAP: Thursday, March 12, 5pm to 11pm

LNAP takes place each Fall and Winter on the 4th Floor of the SLC.

This event is a collaboration with the Ryerson Library (RULA) and the Student Learning Centre (SLC).

At LNAP, you can find: 

  • Library help with research; citation assistance
  • Help with your essays and other academic papers
  • Help with study skills (time management, test prep, goal-setting, etc.)
  • English language support
  • Math tutoring
  • SLG  group sessions
  • Yoga

If you require accessibility accommodations please contact us at or 416.979.5290.