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Glocal Links Program

Join the Glocal Links Program facilitated by International Student Support, Student Life!

Glocal Links is an intercultural dialogue program that provides students with the opportunity to connect across differences and similarities. This program promotes acceptance and appreciation of different cultures and the capacity to function interdependently with people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Through Glocal Links, you will enrich your ideas on appreciation, empathy toward different cultural backgrounds and build self-reflect. Our aim is to create culturally competent global citizens at Ryerson University. 

This program does not only benefit international students, ALL Ryerson students are invited and encouraged to participate and celebrate diverse perspectives.

Students may register and join the program any time between September 2019 to March 2020.

To be eligible to receive a Glocal Links Certificate of Completion, registration closes on September 26, 2019.

  1. To enrich ideas on acceptance, appreciation, empathy of diverse others. 
  2. To appraise their own cultural values and that of others.
  3. To enjoy learning about the experience of diverse others.
  4. To become more aware and understand your own perspective better. 
  5. Increase intercultural awareness for a competitive advantage in the global workforce.

Glocal Links offers group activities, workshops and experiential learning opportunities. We have a dedicated team of student Cultural Ambassadors who will facilitate the entire process with the program participants.

All event details can be found on ConnectRU by using the Events search bar to search “Glocal Links”. 

Glocal Links Launch

Participants will meet for the first time and work together to build group guidelines for the active involvement throughout the year. Cultural Ambassadors will guide students through team building activities and facilitate a session on intercultural learning. An overview of all the exciting activities of the Glocal Links Program in 2019-2020! Participants will be given the opportunity to identify and set goals for their learning in the Glocal Links program.

Community Excursions

All Glocal Links participants will be given the opportunity to explore different cultural hubs in the city of Toronto! Excursions will include guided discussion and activities where all who participate are invited to share their diverse perspectives and understanding.

Community Excursions:

  • Chinatown-Kensington Market Walking Tour - exploring the cultural history of settlement over generations in these neighbourhoods
  • Glocal Links Community Trip - service learning opportunity volunteering with a non-profit organization 

Community Meet-Ups

Four (4) Community Meet-ups for facilitated group discussions on intercultural dialogue. Participants are given an opportunity to map out various interactions and discuss similarities and differences among their cultures. 

The following topics will be explored, through intercultural perspectives:

  • Intercultural Competency
  • Social Contact
  • Setting boundaries
  • Asking for help & information

Portal Discussions

In the Glocal Links 2019-2020 PeopleGrove Portal Group, all participants in the Glocal Links Community will have the opportunity to engage with each other and the Cultural Ambassadors through discussion threads. There are three main types of discussion threads: 

(1) Community Meet-Up Topics

(2) Glocal Link Ups 

(3) Questions & Answers

Once registered for the Glocal Links Program on ConnectRU, you will be added to the Glocal Links PeopleGrove Portal.

Capstone Project

Are you interested in exploring the aspects of your identity and cultural heritage? Complete the Glocal Links Capstone by creating a “cajita”. The Cajita Capstone project in the Glocal Links program for students to explore who they are and identify what is important to them. Your Cajita based on your own reflections on identity and culture, as well as experiences this year through Glocal Links, as a way to express your identity, learning, connections made.

Display your cajita and share your cultural expression with other participants. All submissions are welcome - no “expertise” or formal artistry required. 

Culture Fest

Culture Fest is an annual  fashion show, interactive displays and activities, and a food market to represent many cultures. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Program start date: September 2019

Program end date: March 2020

Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month* 


*Based on certificate of completion requirements. If you do not wish to receive the Glocal Links Certificate of Completion, your time commitment is your choice.

  • Attend the Launch Event
  • Attend at least 1 on-campus or off-campus activity (excursion or an intercultural engagement opportunities)
  • Contribute to at least 3 Portal Discussion posts each term (total of 6)
  • Attend one Community Meet-Up in Fall term
  • Attend one Community Meet-Up in Winter term
  • Participate in the Capstone Project
  1. Log in with your Matrix ID on ConnectRU (
  2. Join “International Student Support”
  3. Select “Glocal Links Registration 2019-2020”, Complete & Submit.

For more information about the program, please contact Samantha DeBoer, International Student Advisor at