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Though many international students are made aware of the estimated education expenses for studying in Canada, and the ability to cover these expenses is part of the immigration requirements, there are cases of unexpected financial difficulties/situations that students may face which prevent them from continuing to support their total education expenses.

International Student Support (ISS) realizes how important financial assistance is for any international student who may be faced with such a situation. Below is a list of the financial assistance and scholarship programs applicable to international students.

Many program departments offer awards/scholarships to students registered in that particular program. Students should contact their program office to determine what is available and whether or not they may be eligible.

What is Available to International Students?



International Tuition Fee Rate Exemption

International students are charged a different fee rate from Canadians and permanent residents. In some cases international student may become eligible to pay the domestic fee rate, for example those who are:

  • "approved in principle" for permanent residence status
  • a spouse or dependent child of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • holding a valid open work permit (excludes student work permits)

Please review the exemption categories page of our website to determine if they may qualify for exemption from international fees.

External Scholarships & Awards