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First-year Students

On behalf of International Student Support (ISS), congratulations on your acceptance to Ryerson University!

Mandatory Student Personal Development Student Advising Appointments are designed to get to know you on a one-on-one basis. These appointments will provide you with resources that will help guide you through your time at Ryerson and assist you in reaching your personal, academic, and professional goals.


There are four stages of the Student Personal Development Appointments:


  1. Fill out the Welcome Form - July to August

  2. Attend the Welcome Meeting - August to October

  3. Attend the Winter Blues Meeting - January to February

  4. Write a Reflection Piece - April *Note: You have a chance of winning a great prize!


It is our role to be there for you every step of the way during your journey at Ryerson University.

Don’t forget to schedule your mandatory meetings with us! This appointment can take place in person or by Skype. We are very excited to have you join us in the Fall semester!


Upper-year Students

International Student Support (ISS) strives to support international students’ personal development. We look to provide a sense of belonging for students who are new to Canada. Our objective is to support students in realizing their infinite potential and empower them to thrive at Ryerson. We have licensed International Student Advisors who have the expertise to provide immigration advice and are happy to meet with students one-on-one to support them in different immigration applications.


We are pleased to support international students on the following matters:


  • UHIP: Health insurance for international students

  • Career Boost International: On-campus job opportunities for international students

  • Glocal Links: Cultural conversation, engagement, and trips!

  • Social Support: Group mentoring and peer social events  

  • Immigration Support: Status letters, one-on-one immigration advice and immigration workshops.

  • Any other questions or issue that requires clarification.


If you’re not sure if we can answer your question, do not hesitate to ask - we’re here to help!


Please call us at 416-979-5000 extension 6655 or email us at if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our International Student Advisors.

Please note: We are also able to schedule advising appointments via SKYPE. You can email or call us at to book an appointment.