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International Student Support (ISS) is responsible for processing status letters related to international students at Ryerson. With extensive knowledge and expertise on immigration compliance, legal and special issues affecting international students ISS provides status letters which are effective in supporting each international student's unique situation.

Status letters are prepared to a wide variety of purposes including study permit, work permits, temporary resident visa and US visa applications, spouse/family immigration application, health insurance, international education expenses and much more. All status letters processed by ISS will contain the Ryerson seal (i.e. stamp imprint) and Ryerson's Designated Learning Institution number (O19395677651). The current processing fee is $20 CDN for each status letter requested.


Requesting a Status Letter

Step 1: Complete the Status Letter Request Form

All sections of the Status Letter Request Form [PDF] must be completed before submission. An incomplete form may not be accepted and can delay the processing time.

Section A: Personal Information

  • First and Last Names: must be the same as your student information at Ryerson
  • Address: your current place of residence
  • Program Information: this information will be verified. Graduation is determined by the standard length of the program as indicated in the Ryerson Calendar e.g. four years or eight-semesters.
  • Phone and Email: indicate your preferred contact information

Section B: Type of Letter Required

Please ensure that you select the appropriate letter for your specific purpose. If you are not certain of which type of letter to select, contact the ISS office for assistance.

Section C: Fee Calculation and Signature

The fee is $20 for each letter that you selected in Section B and is non-refundable.

The total number of letters multiplied by $20 will give you the amount that you should indicate on the first line. If you require additional copies for a letter then the total number of copies multiplied by the fee of $5 will give the amount for the second line. For example: please prepare 2 letters at $20 = $40.

In emergency cases an international student can request rush service for an additional fee of $15. The fee payment will be charged based on the Total Fee amount on the form.

After all the necessary information is completed, a student must sign and date the request form. A student can also indicate whether they would like to pick up the Status Letter from the ISS office or have the letter mailed to the address indicated on the request form (only if outside the GTA). If either is not selected by the student then the letter will be left for pick up at ISS.

Step 2: Make the Fee Payment

An international student must pay the applicable fees before a request can be accepted and processed. Fee payment options are based on the method of submission chosen by the student.

  • In Person using a Debit or Credit Card. The completed form must be taken to the Student Fees office in POD-64 to make the payment.
  • By Fax using a Credit Card. The credit card information at the bottom of the form must be completed.
  • By Mail using a Credit Card or Money Order. The enclosed money order must be payable to 'Ryerson University'.


Step 3: Submit the Request

  • In Person: The completed form along with confirmation of the fee payment (imprint at the top right corner) must be submitted to the ISS office in POD-50A.
  • By Fax: Fax the completed request form to the ISS office at 416-542-5873.
  • By Mail: The completed application along with the fee payment must be mailed to:International Student Support, Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3

The processing time is five (5) business days from the date that the request is received at International Student Support. This time does not include any time required for payment processing or mail delivery.

Step 4: Obtaining the Status Letter

Hold for Pick-Up: Processed status letters will be available for pick-up at the ISS office in POD-50A. A student wishing to obtain their status letter must present a form of picture identification before the letter can be released by ISS.

Mail: Only applies to addresses outside of the GTA. The processed status letter will be mailed to the address indicated on the request form. Additional fees will apply for Express Mail requests.

Request a Ryerson Status Letter