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Event Management

There are tons of events and workshops happening every day at Ryerson! Virtually all of them are free so you really don't have much of an excuse to get bored on campus. But, if none of the events are to your liking, you can always create your own. This page will give you the resources you need to make it happen:

An essential part of event planning is effective promotion and marketing. Ryerson has several posting boards available on-campus for student, staff, and faculty to post information about upcoming events, available services, research studies, etc. These boards are maintained by Campus Planning & Facilities and require that posters have a stamp from Student Services to remain posted. Any posters not bearing the stamp will be removed.

To receive a stamp you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Posters must be sponsored by a Ryerson acknowledged student group, or a Ryerson department.
  2. The content of the poster must adhere to the Ryerson Non-Academic Code of Conduct.
  3. Posters must include a 1.5" x 3" blank, white space for the stamp to be applied.
  4. ONE COPY will be stamped that subsequent copies can be made from.
  5. Posters advertising a student group event must have an accompanying risk assessment form in order to receive approval.

All posters should be submitted to the Student Information Desk in POD 61 for review. Posters will be reviewed and approved daily at 4:30 pm. Posters received after 4:30 pm will not be reviewed until the following day.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Information Desk at or at 416-979-5000 x5187.

Hundreds of events are planned each year by the dedicated student leaders. Ryerson strives to support them by providing feedback and advice during the event planning process. We have designed the Student Event Management process to help demystify event planning and ensure that student events are safe and successful.

When we receive a new event request into the Event Management System, we start from a place of “yes”. Our primary goal is to work with you (the student organizers) to ensure that your event can take place on campus. This involves working with you to gather your event details and understand and assess ways to mitigate/eliminate potential instances of risk. This process serves to protect you, as event organizers, from liability should an issue arise.

Why Use the Event Management System?

On-Campus Events

The Event Management System is a great resource to ensure that you have everything you need (including space) for on-campus events. ConnectRU provides a place for you to advertise your event and track attendance (should you choose to).

Off-Campus Events

While you might not be completing the form to book space for an off-campus event, submitting your event through the Event Management System is still important. When an off-campus event is submitted, we will look at your event and provide recommendations to mitigate the risk and liability that may be held by the event organizers, while providing preferred vendors that are used regularly by different areas across the university.

When to Submit

The sooner the better! Space is at a premium on campus and the Event Management System works on a first come, first serve basis. The event approval process can take up to 45 days (depending on the nature of the event). Submit your event for approval once you have complete information, including:

  • General Details & Descriptions
  • Speakers/Performers/Media (if applicable)

Where to Submit

Campus Groups & Clubs

Campus groups and clubs can submit their events through their Organizations on ConnectRU. If your group does not have an Organization yet, please follow the steps above to register an organization. Once your Organization has been approved, you can follow the steps below to submit an event for review.

Submitting an Event for Review
  1. Sign in and navigate to your organization's home page

  2. From your organization's home page, click Submit an Event

  3. Fill out the Event Form (red asterisks (*) indicate required fields)

  4. Once you have completed the form, click the “Submit” button to submit for on campus administrative approval.

  5. If your event is approved by on campus administrators, then your flyer will show up on the Opportunity Board once the date approaches.