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3rd year and above students are matched with a career mentor from their respective industry.  The career mentor will provide guidance and encouragement to help students plan and work toward their career goals . 

The applications  for the 2016-2017 school-year for mentees are now closed. However, we are still in need of Mentors.  Please note, that students interested in being career mentees must also sign up as peer mentors in the Tri-Mentoring Program.  

For more information on the Career Mentoring Program, please email us at or contact us directly:

Maricruz Rodriguez, Mentoring Facilitator
416 979 5000 ext 4205

Benefits and Rewards as a Career Mentee

As a Career Mentee you will...


  • Receive one-on-one guidance, advice and insight from your Mentor to assist in your career decision making and goal setting process
  • Develop professional networks at events such as the Career Mentoring Program Launch Party, Special Lunches and Workshops
  • Develop employability skills by completing a Career Strategies Certificate
  • Obtain a Career Mentoring Certificate of Participation from the Tri-Mentoring Program
Roles and Responsibilities for Career Mentors
  • Assist a 3rd/4th or final year student (Career Mentee) in exploring career related employment opportunities upon graduation
  • Assist 3rd/4th or final year student (Career Mentee) with setting realistic career goals/plans
  • Provide assistance and guidance in accomplishing Career Mentee's goals
  • Provide guidance in building Career Mentee's professional networks
  • Provide information on respective local industries and potential employers to Career Mentee
  • Assist Career Mentee to identify skills required to meet market demands
  • Familiarize the Career Mentee with professional licensing procedures (if necessary)
  • Communicate four to six hours a month with the Career Mentee in person, by phone or email
  • Submit regular progress reports to the Career Mentoring Program
  • Participate in professional development workshops, held throughout the duration of the career mentoring relationship (October to March )


Become a Career Mentor!

Need more information?

For more information on the Career Mentoring Program, please email us at or contact us directly:

Maricruz Rodriguez

Mentoring Facilitator

Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)

Faculty of Science (FOS)

Career Mentoring