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Starting Monday, March 16th, International Student Support, Tri-Mentoring Program and Campus Engagement will be moving our programming online. If you need to speak to us, email Find all our programs at


The Tri-Mentoring Program is a centralized model that offers mentorship opportunities to students of all identities across all faculties.  The program matches 1st year students with upper year students in the same program or with similar interests in order to help incoming students successfully transition into their 1st year at Ryerson.

Mentors then have the opportunity to be matched with an industry professional & will gain guidance and encourage students to progress towards their goals. We facilitate student's learning, leadership and employment through mentoring, getting students involved and having them meet other people.

Ryerson students also have the opportunity to get involved in Group Mentoring with various identified equity seeking groups in order to connect and share their experiences.

The TMP hosts Monthly development and social events/activities and provides links to financial support and academic success/support through our 1:1 Mentoring Appointments.

We strive to make all our events and programming accessible to all students and participants and foster relationships and connections with First Generation Students.

The Tri-Mentoring Program’s educational priority is to mentor each student using their individual experience to find their sense of belonging on campus.

Tri-Mentoring Program 2018/2019 Highlights: You Belong Here

In 2018/19 the TMP grew in all aspects of our mentoring programs. Find out how by viewing our infographic here.

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