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Faculty of Community Services

Award recipients

Congratulations to the School of Urban and Regional Planning 2018/19 student award recipients!


Zohra Bhabha Award

To support women of visual minorities and women of aboriginal ancestry in the School of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Afroz Hasan


A.S.M. Pound Memorial Planning Scholarship on behalf of Pound & Stewart Planning

For strong leadership qualities and an appreciation of visionary planning  

  • Afroz Hasan


Ryerson Urban and Regional Planning Alumni Association Awards of Merit

To recognize the academic, professional and community-building achievements of one undergraduate and graduate student in the School of Urban and Regional Planning.

  • Undergraduate: Shameeza Gafoor
  • Graduate: Alexander Furneaux


David DeLuca Award

Strong leadership excellence and practice in community development. Demonstrates good academic standing

  • Shameeza Gafoor


The Peter Bennett Award

demonstrates excellence in the application of research methods or planning analysis to urban and regional planning in combination with a dedication to community service.

  • Catherine Huynh


Superior Performance in 1st year theory


  • Thia Walters


Superior Performance in 2nd year policy


  • Vaishnan Muhunthan


Superior Performance in Regional Planning


  • Sophie Tabak


Superior Performance in Advanced Planning Theory


  • Shameeza Gafoor


J.M. Noonan Award

1st year Student Highest CGPA for full-time 1st year student.

  • Addison Milne-Price


Joseph Lebovic Award

Demonstrates outstanding commitment to urban and regional planning, including land development and private sector planning.

  • Brittany Wong


SSHRC, OGS and OGF Award Winner Recognition

  • SSHRC – Danielle Lenarcic-Biss, Alexandra Volkov
  • OGS – Ross Edwards, Brent Kuefler, Hannah Chan Smyth, Julian Del Bel Belluz, Leorah Klein, Emma Pearce, Claire Semple
  • OGF - Daniel Bailey
  • Dennis Mock Leadership Award - Alexander Furneaux
  • CREW Award - Vickey Simovic
  • Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship - Jessica Brodeur


IBI Group Urban and Regional Planning Award

For excellence in professional practice.

Bousfield Studio Group:

  • Marco Demasi
  • Matthias Domagala
  • Kat Northern Lights Man
  • Jessica Pascucci
  • Kaley Robertson
  • Charles Steele
  • Olivia Warner
  • Sophia Weinrib
  • Veronica Valoroso


Michael E. Kusner Award

For exceptional work in land use planning or design at the site scale.

  • Dale Egan


Leonard Darwen Memorial Award

For academic excellence and contribution to the community.

  • Catherine Huynh


Milne/MacDougall Award

For the greatest improvement in grade point average from the end of first year of the program to the completion of studies in 4th year, and for exemplifying the Ryerson spirit at its best on the basis of personal effort and contribution to community.

  • Danielle Javelosa


Donald J. Logan Class of ’73 Bursary

For outstanding community involvement within and outside of Ryerson.

  • Davin McCully


Superior Performance in 1st year design


  • Grace Gong


Ted Tyndorf Award

Demonstrates integrity, outstanding vision and commitment to community planning through client-based project work and engagement with agencies and firms.

Unlocking Retail Sites in Suburban Brampton:     

  • Karla Alag
  • Ziya Cao
  • Anneliese Gembus
  • Amanda Hoffmann
  • Catherine Huynh
  • Maya Lewis-Santiago 
  • Sadaf Shahid
  • Hannah Shum
  • Catherine Tran
  • Yao Wang


FCS Dean’s Graduate Essay Writing Award

In recognition of excellent writing skills demonstrated in the MPI (Urban Development) Program.

  • Candace Safonovs


Paul Bruer & Imre Koroknay Scholarship

For high academic promise in 1st year.

  • Ulysses James Perkunder


Mark Friesen Award

The award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Urban and Regional Planning and has shown the most improved cumulative grade point average between first and second year.

  • Alexandra Gascon


Aditya Jha Community Award

Awarded to an individual or to a study group or full-time grad student demonstrating a commitment to helping immigrant, ethnic & aboriginal communities.

  • Niko Casuncad


Todd Hesselink International Exchange Award

Undergraduate Urban and Regional Planning student participating in the Ryerson University International Exchange program.

  • Nicholas Klymciw


BILD Award

Awarded to the two students who prepare the best course project assignment, i.e. have the best work, i.e. the highest grade for the project. The project is undertaken in two person teams. The student must also have a minimum of B on the final exam. The evaluation is to be undertaken by the professor/instructor teaching the course who may choose to invite BILD in the evaluation of finalists.

  • Undergraduate: Eli Aaron
  • Graduate: Gelila Mekonnen


Downtown Yonge Award of Excellence in Place-Making

Awarded to a graduate planning student/students who demonstrates, through a project, studio, or research paper, a commitment to place-making in an effort to improve the quality of life in urban environments.

  • Marc Cinq-Mars


Jim Blazevski Award

Awarded for superior performance in field placement.

  • Sophia Weinrib


Graduate Students of 2011 Studio Award

Awarded for academic achievement and professional achievement of a team of full-time graduate students.

Housing Now:    

  • Charlotte Balluch
  • Daniel Hahn
  • Graeme Kennedy
  • Michael Niezgoda 
  • Sachin Persaud
  • Candace Safonovs
  • Darcy Watt


CIP Student Award for Academic Excellence

is Awarded for Academic Excellence to one Grad and one Undergraduate Student who are Student Members of CIP.

  • Undergraduate: Naeem Lakhani
  • Graduate: Alexander Furneaux


Malumir R. Logan Award

Awarded to a student who is has been faced with a set of challenges and has successfully completed  Year Two or Three of the Program.

  • Liam Crawford


Michael Weich Award

Awarded to the student(s) who demonstrates success in the program.

  • Kaylen Leung
  • Jackie Low