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Alex Gill

Alex Gill, Director (and unofficial godfather of social innovation) 

Alex is a social entrepreneur who founded and leads Mendicant Group, a social issues consulting firm. He has also moderated the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance since its inception in 2010 and regularly speaks aroung the world on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Alex was one of 50 nonprofit leaders to be invited to attend Stanford University's Business School in 2013 and was named one of Canada's "Social Justice All-Stars" by This Magazine in 2015. He is known for his ability to make tasty puns and even tastier cookies for #CaffeinatedInnovators.

Sarah Brigel

Sarah Brigel, Coordinator (and resident DJ)

Sarah graduated from the Environment and Urban Sustainability program at Ryerson in 2016. During her time as a student she founded Microbe Hub, a startup that diverts organic waste from landfills using worms and uses this as a tool to engage classrooms in environmental stewardship and science. Sarah has been working to increase sustainability on campus and is a passionate advocate for social justice. She will try and match Alex on his puns, and if the moment takes her, will attempt to bake something for #CaffeinatedInnovators.

Dania Faidi

Dania Faidi, Community Engagement Coordinator 

Dania is a Ryerson University graduate from the Professional Communication program. She discovered her passion for social impact and entrepreneurship during her fourth year at Ryerson University while creating her capstone project–a branding guide for a self-made communication consulting company promoting the inclusion of Arab women in the media. Dania is passionate about campus-wide engagement and student inclusion in the #SocEnt space. She is also an avid baker and will always try and one-up Alex's banana bread for #CaffeinatedInnovators.