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Welcoming the SVZ Winter 2020 Cohort

Four new startups joined the Social Ventures Zone as part of our Winter 2020 cohort
February 12, 2020
Say hello to our Winter 2020 cohort!

After another round of applications, pitching and judging, we selected four new startups to join the Social Ventures Zone. The new teams are working on various social causes, including alleviating food waste, empowering and feeding the homeless population, and improving trust in journalism. 

From the photo above (left to right), here is some information on our new Winter 2020 cohort!

1. Talk Media: Talk Media connects audiences with journalists outside of echo-chambers to increase trust and interest in journalism. 

2. Community Meal: Community Meal is a program that partners with restaurants in Toronto to provide monthly meal donations to local shelters.

3. Bootcamps for Change: Bootcamps for Change removes barriers for youth experiencing homelessness to access fitness programming and education. 

4. Swate: Swate is a fully-integrated food management platform that helps you to reduce your waste by tracking grocery inventory and providing recipe recommendations.

The SVZ is excited to provide guidance and support to our newest members as they begin their journey at our incubator. Learn more about what we offer here.