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Announcing the Spring/Summer 2021 Social Venture Prize Winners

Congratulations to Aurat Raaj, Shower Belt, and PostUrCheck INC
By: Annemarie Cutruzzola
July 08, 2021

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring/Summer 2021 Social Venture Prize! Congratulations to Aurat Raaj, our $3,000 prize winner, as well as Shower Belt and PostUrCheck INC, our $1,500 prize winners. 

The Social Venture Prize was created by The Faculty of Arts to support students students in the faculty working on a socially impactful project or those with a social venture incubated in the Zone Learning network.

Two prizes of $1,500 and one prize of $3,000 are awarded two times each year to support startup and advancement costs. Read more about the impactful work done by this semester's winners!

Aurat Raaj - $3,000 Prize Recipient

Aurat Raaj is dedicated to providing accessible menstrual health education to women and girls in Pakistan. Their local language AI-powered chatbot, Raaji, addresses myths about menstruation and hygiene basics through a menstrual hygiene curriculum. Their goal is to eradicate the stigmas that still exist around menstruation and empower women and girls with the education and resources they need to manage their periods hygienically. Aurat Raaj was welcomed into the Social Ventures Zone earlier this year as part of our Winter 2021 Cohort.

Team members: Saba Khalid - Founder & CEO, Shaiwana Pathan - Rural Community Lead, Suha Lalani - Communications Lead, Anjum Malik - Consultant Grants & Impact Assessment

"The SVZ prize allows us to launch a long-term menstrual education project that helps us reduce stigma in online public spaces and build upon alliances with people and organizations with similar visions. We will also be repurposing menstrual content created through the grant for rural settings to train community leaders so they can manage different questions around menstruation. We are so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to get started."

Saba Khalid, Founder & CEO, Aurat Raaj

Shower Belt - $1,500 Prize Recipient

Currently incubated in the SVZ, Shower Belt is a drowning prevention device for use in the shower. The Shower Belt automatically stops the flow of water if you fall in the shower, allowing you time to recover safely. It helps support people living with cognitive, muscular, and balance impairments, including Epilepsy, Muscular Distrophy and Parkinson's. 

Team members: Richard Smith - CEO/Founder, Justin Kovacs - Business Development Manager, John Mcdonald - Social Media Director, Katryna Klepacki - Digital Marketing Director

“[The funding] couldn’t have come at a better time, with our launch finally here it gives us some capital to allocate directly to marketing and selling our product.”

Richard Smith, Founder & CEO, Shower Belt

PostUrCheck INC - $1,500 Prize Recipient

PostUrCheck INC is innovating a digital platform that observes, analyzes, and prescribes exercises to athletes in order to reduce the possibilities of concussion.

Team members: Muhammad Talha Manazir - CLO,  Mohammad Sahban - CFO, Abdullah Rahimi - CCO,  Mohammed Mall - COO

"We look forward to using the Social Venture Prize towards our ideation and research phase. As we move closer to completing our market and research validation, this prize comes at the right time for us! Our team would like to thank the Social Venture Committee for their generosity."

Mohammed Mall, COO, PostUrCheck INC

Congratulations to all of the winners of this semester's Social Venture Prize! Stay tuned for more details about the Fall 2021 prize.