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Accelerate Her Future

Accelerate Her Future Logo

Founder: Golnaz Golnaraghi

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Accelerate Her Future is a career accelerator for self-identifying womxn of colour pursuing early careers in business and STEM. Our tailored programs are designed to provide candidates with launch pad opportunities to invest in their career development, accelerate themselves as strong candidates and facilitate connection with common experience mentors and allies of influence and a peer community.

We believe that Canada is filled with ambitious self-identifying womxn of colour (Black, Indigenous and other womxn of colour) in their early careers who have the power to self-advocate for their career advancement, when given the safe space, recognition, tools/ resources and a path to navigate and benefit from common experience mentors and allies of influence committed to their career success. Accelerate Her Future will work with early career talent and mentors/allies to foster career advancing networks of solidarity and action to build greater justice and economic prosperity.

This is important because while almost 70% of womxn of colour have a higher education credential, only 6.5% hold a management position. Even more concerning, womxn of colour are less likely to have access to influential networks who are committed to their career success. We are determined to impact systemic change with a focus on early career womxn of colour who are at a critical point in their career development journey.

We envision a world where representation and leadership of womxn of colour at all levels isn’t the cool thing, but the norm–where all womxn benefit from a full range of opportunities to reach their full potential.