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Founder: Angelique Paul

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Crafted with Compassion

In-Touch is a digital platform that provides a safe space for students to learn in their own unique style by pairing student mentees with a student mentor.

In-Touch is a digital platform that is used to help students that learn through unconventional methods. Fingerprints defines an unconventional learner as someone who does not learn in traditional classroom methods. Research demonstrates that there are several different learning styles including visual/verbal, visual/non-verbal, kinesthetic and auditory/verbal that are not addressed by the standard teaching experience leaving students that do not learn in this style feeling isolated and alone.

During Angelique’s elementary and secondary education, she found it challenging to learn in a method that suited her learning styles. Fortunately, she was able to work with a mentor that patiently took the time to understand her learning styles while forming a trusting relationship and bond. As a graduate from OCAD’s faculty of design and Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media Program she decided to use her design skills and personal experience to develop a platform called In-Touch that speaks to the needs of unconventional learners while encouraging a peer to peer learning environment.

In-Touch is an adaptive learning technology which extends the learning experience beyond the classroom hours and environment to serves as a safe online space for students to receive customized help from their tutors. In-Touch pairs students who are struggling in one area with a student that is excelling in that subject.

This approach will benefit both the mentor as the mentee as the student will learn in a comfortable setting while the mentor will gain community service hours and hands on experience.

In addition, the private school stream has been identified as the initial market as they are proven to be more open to technology and have less bureaucracy making it easier for integration. This platform is targeted to help elementary students in elementary school starting from grade four as well as junior high students.  The subscription would be issued to the school and easily accessible to each classroom.

Our current education system does not speak to the learning styles and needs of all students. Fingerprints believes that each student should have the opportunity to learn with confidence while discovering their gifts and skill sets in a safe and understanding environment. In-Touch is a tool that will impact student academic improvement as well as a rise in classroom confidence. 

Each student is capable of succeeding and should feel a sense of confidence and acceptance during the learning process. By fostering different learning styles and encouraging students to learn in their unique way we will create a wider variety of skills and encourage the innovators and creators of tomorrow.