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Founder: Erika Reyes Bolanos

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Takeout and feel great!

Do you love to take out and want to change the world? 

The average Canadian takes out 83 times a year. That’s roughly once every four days. You might say that we actually recycle our plastic, but the reality is that in Canada, less than 11% of all plastic consumed gets recycled. (Environmental Defence, 2019)

Plastics have been linked with increased rates of cancer, obesity, and infertility. It’s a system of production: we are living in a single-use, throwaway society. But we won’t have a plastic problem if we don’t unnecessarily consume items in single-use packaging.

The World Economic Forum found that over 65% of consumers are worried about climate change, but they are unclear on how to engage on this critical issue. What if taking out without waste becomes the gateway for every Torontonian to embrace a more conscious consumption?

The Inwit platform aims to support Torontonians in their sustainability journey. It will provide a space to:

  1. IDENTIFY waste-free restaurants and cafes across the city 
  2. TAKE-OUT without waste
  3. LEARN tips on how to reduce our carbon emissions
  4. EARN irresistible rewards for taking action

The platform was designed to address both market education, using dynamic and entertaining quizzes to learn about sustainability, and providing alternatives and incentives for users to avoid single-use plastics, enabling us to track and measure our impact in real-time.

What if we live without compromising our ecosystems, and we were rewarded by it? At Inwit we are working to helping you, individually, help us move toward a Zero-Waste Canada, one Styrofoam box at a time. 

With your collaboration, we can make single-use plastics a thing of the past!