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In September 2019,

Ryerson University, CompTIA, and its member companies established a committee to begin developing the TechTalent Accelerator program. The program is designed to foster industry-specific skills, knowledge, and experience with exposure to evolving challenges and opportunities faced by the Tech industry.

Exterior of Ryerson SLC building

In December 2019,

CompTIA provided seed funding to initiate the development of a pilot TechTalent Accelerator program with a contribution of $175,000 to Ryerson University.

In January 2020,

CompTIA led the application to the Government of Ontario’s Skills Catalyst Fund, in partnership with Ryerson University and leading tech companies: Veritas, Lenovo, AMD, CompuCom, HP, HPE, CompuCom, and Datex.

In March 2020,

the Government of Ontario awarded $350,000 to CompTIA, in partnership with Ryerson University, from the Skills Catalyst Fund to develop, and prove out the benefits of the TechTalent Accelerator model with the Canadian Tech industry.

In April 2020,

Ryerson University, CompTIA and established members committee (our Advisory Board), began working together to develop and launch the TechTalent Accelerator in September 2020.