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The TRSM Advantage

These are exciting days for the Ted Rogers School of Management, and our new brand is but one expression of that excitement. We look forward to collaborating with you as we expand its presence, grow its voice, and tell the story of a future that will belong to the disruptors, to the bold – to us.


Home to nearly 11,000 students and more than 250 industry-connected faculty, the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University is Canada's leading diverse, entrepreneurial business school centred in an urban learning environment.


TRSM is developing collaborative, creative leaders who will drive 21st century business forward while making a positive impact on society.


TRSM offers 12 Bachelor of Commerce degrees, two Bachelor of Health Administration degrees, the Ted Rogers MBA, a Professional Master's Diploma in Accounting, customized Executive Education courses, a Master of Health Administration (Community Care) and a Master of Science in Management. TRSM is also home to 15 innovative research centres, institutes and labs.


A pioneer in practical, career-focused training, TRSM is at the cutting edge of entrepreneurial, socially conscious and innovative approaches to business.

#1 most undergraduate entrepreneurship courses of any university in canada (infographic)
infographic of 40 international exchange partners around the world
infographic of 1st canadian ashoka changemaker campus for social innovation