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Academic Plan

Academic Plan 2014-2019. Slogan: "Shaping tomorrow's global business leaders"

Shaping Tomorrow's Global Business Leaders

The 2014–2019 Academic Plan for the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) at Ryerson University, entitled Shaping Tomorrow's Global Business Leaders, sets out the school’s vision of becoming a Canadian pioneer in business education by adapting to the changing business world and thriving under new national and international market forces and technological innovation.

Shaping Tomorrow's Global Business Leaders builds upon TRSM’s core strengths, adding new initiatives to ensure students are prepared for the business challenges of the coming years.

From 2014–2019, TRSM will focus on four strategic objectives to guide the administration, faculty and staff as they navigate the future of business education:

  1. Redefine Experiential Learning for the 21st Century
  2. Enhance Graduate Programs and Research
  3. Cultivate Our Community Building Reputation
  4. Improve Our Internal Governance, Communications and Structures to Enable Lasting Innovation

The plan also details the values that will guide TRSM in its ongoing pursuit of excellence:

  • Relevance and innovation
  • Commitment to community
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Spirit of collaboration

Since its beginnings as the Ryerson Faculty of Business in 1948, the Ted Rogers School of Management has continued to evolve to offer students the most relevant business education possible. In education, as in business, remaining current is paramount; hence, the school continually looks toward the future, regularly adjusting its programs to meet the demands of the times.

At TRSM, the bar for accomplishments is set high. If TRSM continues to educate students to meet the challenges of the future, it will have achieved the best possible reward.

Ryerson University's 2020-2025 Academic Plan is available on the Ryerson University website.