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Progress Indicators

This document updates PDF filethe progress indicators and related statistics to include the most recent available data. It builds upon comments and suggestions that have been received following the presentation of prior editions and supports integrated academic planning at the university, faculty and departmental levels. Table A summarizes the progress indicators and their relationship to the University's strategic priorities: high quality, societally-relevant undergraduate and graduate programs; student engagement and success; learning and teaching excellence; research and creative activity; and reputation. When the indicator data are viewed as a time-series, the trends across the years can provide Ryerson's academic units with useful contextual information on progress to enhance academic planning and quality improvement.

The progress indicators and related statistics are intended to inform the academic planning processes at the university, faculty and departmental levels and enhance public accountability. The progress indicators are intended to:

  • Provide a focused information base to support planning processes.
  • Improve the University's ability to follow and project trends related to several critical goals and objectives, and enable the evaluation of progress.
  • Enable the University to refocus current information gathering efforts to better satisfy internal information needs.
  • Provide a statistical profile of Ryerson that will inform a broad audience about both who we are and where we are in our academic evolution.

The University Planning Office has developed the progress indicators and related statistics from a wide array of data sources. It determined specific indicator definitions, collected and analysed relevant data, and produced the enclosed set of progress indicators and related statistics in a manner that can also be applied to future years.

The progress indicators and related statistics continue to evolve and it remains the case that some indicators or measures were not available from existing data sources and would need implementation of new data collection to obtain the requisite information annually in a consistent manner.

As with previous editions of the progress indicators, the University Planning Office welcomes comments and suggestions in order that the indicators can be improved as necessary to meet Ryerson's current and future needs.

The statistical data on the following pages supersede those of prior editions. Each indicator includes a brief description of the indicator, the intended purpose of measurement, comments, related statistics, issues and calculated data. Historical data have been provided in cases where this is readily possible so that progress may be assessed.