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Indigenous Initiatives

Ted Rogers School of Management's Indigenous Initiatives

The Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University aims to respond to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Call to Action #92, external link, by committing to meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities to promote economic empowerment and wellbeing.

The social and economic challenges faced by Inuit, Métis and First Nations peoples in Canada are well known and business education plays a critical role in empowering Indigenous peoples and communities to overcome many of these challenges. As Canada’s largest business school, we have a duty to help address the alienation of Indigenous peoples from the education system.

The Ted Rogers School  is dedicated to making management education accessible, and providing opportunities and support for students from diverse backgrounds and capabilities. Ensuring that Indigenous peoples have equitable access to training and education opportunities reinforces our commitment to the economic development and sustainable growth of Indigenous communities.

Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force

Ryerson University’s Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force Report in August 2021 includes recommendations for accessible spaces on campus for an Indigenous healing garden, and public Indigenous art installation.

The Ted Rogers School has been engaging with a broad group of Indigenous artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, Knowledge Keepers and others to create an:

  1. Indigenous Healing Garden in the Courtyard on the 7th floor of the Ted Rogers School Building.
  2. Indigenous art installation with the goal of educating our community and the public about Indigenous entrepreneurship and providing ways to share knowledge about the history of innovation in Canada, honouring pioneering Indigenous artists.

Academic curriculum and research

The Ted Rogers School of Management has adopted a holistic approach aimed at making the space, curriculum and community more inclusive for Indigenous students.

Indigenous student admissions

Address systemic barriers and educational gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, and increase access and enrollment to post-secondary programs for Indigenous students.

Indigenous healing garden

We aim to transform the Ted Rogers School courtyard into an Indigenous healing garden and learning space with plant medicines known to improve physical, mental and spiritual health and decrease anxiety.

Indigenous art installation

Through Indigenous art, we aim to tell the story that celebrates the rich history of pioneering Indigenous entrepreneurship in Canada, and honour the role of Indigenous entrepreneurs and artists.

Laying Roots: The Indigenous Healing Garden at the Ted Rogers School of Management


Sana Mulji Dutt, Senior Advisor, External Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Partnerships