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Andre Laplume

Dr. André Laplume

Associate Professor | Program Director, Master of Science in Management
DepartmentEntrepreneurship & Strategy
EducationBCS, MBA, PhD
Phone416 979 5000 ext: 6712


Dr. Laplume studies and teaches entrepreneurship and strategy. His research questions the validity, vitality, and sometimes, the villainy of incumbent firms’ strategies vis-à-vis new entrants, especially entrepreneurs. He is interested in the competitive and institutional barriers preventing potential entrepreneurs from launching new ventures successfully. He also studies the preparatory experiences of entrepreneurs that help to develop entrepreneurial capacity.

Dr. Laplume has a decade of experience working as a business and information technology consultant in corporate Canada. He has performed many roles, including business analyst, systems analyst, project manager, practice leader, and integration architect. He co-founded a data science start-up called, which used big data analytics to suggest optimal locations and business types for traditional small business entrepreneurs.

His doctoral research used computer simulation and qualitative research to develop models of strategic innovation. After his PhD, he worked at Michigan Tech where he helped to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the university and delivered entrepreneurship courses. His teaching philosophy combines the Harvard case method with the Socratic method, together with experiential projects. He joined the Ted Rogers School of Management in the fall of 2018 and recently became a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Laplume is currently researching the impact of non-competes on employee mobility into entrepreneurship. He is a co-applicant on a successful SSHRC Insight Development grant titled: "Parent disposition, hostility toward spinouts and parent performance". He is looking for an MScM candidate to help him complete the project. Dr. Laplume is also studying the effects of diversity on founding teams and accelerator cohorts. He recently submitted a SSHRC Insight Grant proposal to fund a large-scale study and is looking for MScM candidates to work with him and his team.

 Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Theory; Innovation Theory; Strategic Management Theory; Strategic Entrepreneurship; Institutions and Entrepreneurship; Intellectual Property Rights; Information Freedom; Corporate Spinouts; Employee Entrepreneurship; Stakeholder Management; Stakeholder theory; Quantitative Methods; Qualitative Research; Non-competes; Diversity.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
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Dr. Laplume has experience teaching strategic management, entrepreneurship, and technology and innovation management at both the undergraduate and MBA levels.

At Ryerson, he currently teaches:

Course Code Course Name
BUS 800 Business Strategy
ENT 500 New Venture Startup
ENT 725 Management of Innovation