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Danielle Lamb

Lamb, Danielle


Assistant Professor


B.A. , MIRHR, and PhD




416-979-5000 ext: 7558

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Danielle  Lamb

Danielle Lamb is an Assistant Professor in the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour in the Ted Rogers School of ManagementDanielle completed her PhD in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Toronto in 2012.  Danielle’s doctoral research focused on education, employment and earnings among Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  Broadly stated, Danielle’s research interests surround issues related to diversity, discrimination and inequality in the labour market and employment relationship.  Dr. Lamb has taught a number of undergraduate courses in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour and she enjoys supervising graduate MBA major research projects (MRPs). 


HR Management & Org Behaviour

Research Interests

Discrimination in the labour market/workplace, economic inequality, youth employment/unemployment, education, workplace wellness/mental health.

Select Research and Professional Contributions
Lamb, D. The Economic Impact of the Great Recession on Aboriginal People Living Off Reserve in Canada.  Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, forthcoming 2015/16.
Lamb, D. (2014). Aboriginal Early School Leavers On-and-Off Reserve: An Empirical Analysis.  Canadian Public Policy, 40(2).
Lamb, D. (2013) Earnings Inequality among Aboriginal Groups in Canada. Journal of Labour Research, 34(2).
Gomez, R. and Lamb, D. (2013). The Demographic Origins of the Great Recession: Implications for China. China and World Economy, 21(2).
MHR 523 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MHR 711 Occupational Health and Safety Management
MHR 849 Human Resource Planning
MHR 522 Industrial Relations
MHR 505 Organizational Behaviour II

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