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Ellen Choi

Choi, Ellen


Assistant Professor


MSc, PhD


TRS 2-131


416-979-5000 ext: 6756

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Dr. Ellen Choi

Dr. Ellen Choi is an Assistant Professor in HRM/OB in the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. Dr. Choi is an organizational psychologist with training in the fields of Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour. She received her PhD from the Ivey School of Business in 2017, and her MSc from the London School of Economics in 2012. Her research interests revolve around workplace wellbeing and mental health. In particular she studies the effects of mindfulness training on stress, attention, emotion regulation, errors, authenticity, resilience, and performance under pressure. Dr. Choi teaches in the area of organizational behaviour on topics such as leadership, training and development, motivation, and decision-making.

Prior to graduate school, Ellen traded in commercial real estate for 8 years with CBRE. She is also a yoga instructor, executive meditation coach, and delivers mindfulness workshops and keynote addresses to corporate audiences.


Twitter: @ellenchoimind


HR Management & Org Behaviour

Research Interests

Mindfulness, resilience, emotion regulation, authenticity, leadership

Select Research and Professional Contributions

Referred Journal Articles

Sinclair, M., Tobias, J., Robinson, J., & Choi, E. (2017). More Dynamic than You Think: Hidden Aspects of Decision Making. Administrative Sciences. DOI 10.3390/admsci7030023.
Choi, E. & Tobias, J. (2016). SIOP Commentary - Mind the Gap: The Link Between Mindfulness and Performance Needs More Attention. Industrial and Organizational Psychology. DOI 10.1017/iop.2015.90.
Dierynck, B., Leroy, H., Savage, G., & Choi, E. (2016). The Role of Individual and Collective Mindfulness in Promoting Occupational Safety in Healthcare. Medical Care Research and Review. DOI 10.1177/1077558716629040.
Corti, K., Geddy, R., Choi, E., Gillespie, A. (2015). The Researcher as Experimental Subject: Using Self-Experimentation to Access Experiences, Understand Social Phenomena, and Stimulate Reflexivity. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science. DOI 10.1007/s12124-015-9294-6

Refereed Conference Presentations

Choi, E., Dierynck, B., Leroy, H., & Krause, V. (2018, August). “Meditate to Create: How mindfulness reduces competition-induced pressure to stimulate creativity”. Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA.
Choi, E., Reb, J., Vogus, T., Tobias, J., Cameron, L., Kay, A., Hafenbrack, A., Sguera, F., Lychnell, L. (2016, August). “Mindfulness Research Methods: Different Approaches to Understanding Mindfulness in Organizations.” Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA.
Sinclair, M., Tobias, J., Choi, E., Ping, P., Maimone, F., Robinson, J.L. (2016, August). “Innovative Approaches to Improving Organizational Decision-Making: Theory, Method, and Practice.” Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA.
Kim, G. and Choi, E. (2015, August). “The Attenuating Effects of Trait Mindfulness on Episodic Envy and the Potential Mediating Mechanisms.” Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Choi, E., & Kay, A. (2015, April). “Mindfulness, Ego Depletion and Task Performance.” Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Choi, E., & Reb, J. (2014, August). “The Effects of a Corporate Mindfulness Intervention on Employees”. Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Book Chapters

Choi, E. & Leroy, H. (2015). Methods of Mindfulness: How We Study Mindfulness at Work. In Reb, J. & Atkins, P. (Eds.) Mindfulness in Organizations. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Reb, J., & Choi, E. (2014). The Practice of Mindfulness in Organizations. In Singh, N. (Ed.). The Psychology of Meditation. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

White Papers

Choi, E. & Rouse, M. (2014). Mindful Leadership: Cultivating Sagacity and Wisdom in the Workplace. Ivey Publishing: Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University.
MHR 405 Organizational Behaviour
Research Funding



Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada
C.B. (Bud) Johnston Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Ivey Business School, Western University
Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada
C.B. (Bud) Johnston Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Ivey Business School, Western University
2014-16 MITACS-Accelerate Graduate Internship

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