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One of Canada’s leading Entrepreneurship programs with 13 full-time faculty dedicated to the study and practice of entrepreneurship and strategy.  The School of Business Management offers more undergraduate entrepreneurship courses than any other English language university in Canada. This business degree teaches students what it takes to become an entrepreneur in all senses of the term and play a key role in society. Students are taught to be determined in their pursuit of opportunities and how to create a sustainable, competitive and viable enterprise. Students graduate with a business degree that has prepared them to start their own business, taught them how to be entrepreneurial within existing organizations, and how to help start-up ventures succeed.

Entrepreneurship faculty are also dedicated to producing research that is of high academic and intellectual value, and relevant to industry. Researchers focus on addressing fundamental questions: where entrepreneurial opportunities come from, why some firms and individuals choose to exploit them, and how these efforts can be made more successful.


Academic Success

TRSM offers a wide range of services to help you succeed. 

Awards & Scholarships

To recognize student excellence, TRSM and Ryerson offer many awards and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. 

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